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Klark Teknik Square ONE a hit at Australian Gospel Fest

Disclaimer: InfoComm International® has republished this press release with the original grammar and spelling intact. InfoComm International reserves the right to modify the release for language or claims that may be offensive to competing companies. Sources may contact mchamplin@infocomm.org regarding editing decisions.

SOURCE: Telex Communications, Inc. · POSTED: 05/18/06

 Australia's largest celebration of contemporary Christian music, The Australian Gospel Music Festival, was held over the Easter weekend in the Queensland city of Toowoomba. Klark Teknik's high profile over the eight years of the festival was raised even higher this year with the introduction of the new Square ONE product line.

As in past years, the Main Stage featured both current and past Klark Teknik products, with DN9848, DN410, DN60, DN360 and DN27 units featuring strongly. Midas XL200 and Heritage 3000 desks also saw plenty of action.

The festival's second "Big Top" stage saw Square ONE make its debut, with SQ1 graphics featured on monitors. It was a tribute to monitor engineer Nick Morse's confidence in the product that SQ1 graphics served across the main vocal sends while his DN370 serviced the drum fill mix. The monitor system also saw a SQ1 dynamics unit see action as an insert with its smooth, accurate performance helping keep the monitors under control.

Front of House at the Big Top stage also saw a bit of KT action with DN360 and DN370 graphics in use with a DN500 as main system limiter. The system also ran a DN6000 to provide system monitoring while DN514, DN504 and DN4000 units provided system inserts. A classic DN780 reverb saw some action at Front of House. The equipment list was completed with DN9848 providing system control and DN100s used for all direct input duties. System Engineer Phill Webb commented, "If KT made a tape delay there would be no need for any other brand to be present!" Naturally the venue also saw heavy Midas presence, with a Legend 3000 at FOH and a Siena at monitors.

The festival's number three venue "The Café" also saw Square ONE make a presence with an SQ1 graphic performing Front of House duties with SQ1 dynamics providing the main inserts. System Engineer John Taylor commented, "I was brought up on DN27's and then found the DN370. Now, with the Square ONE, you have a unit with the same characteristic KT sound and reliability at an affordable price, so they are definitely on my shopping list." Taylor also compared the SQ1 dynamics unit with products ten times the price and was very positive about its performance. The Café Stage also saw Midas in action, with a Verona 400 performing FOH duties.


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InfoComm - AustraliaKlark Teknik Square ONE a hit at Australian Gospel Fest