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Australasian Regional Council reports from InfoComm 06
By InfoComm International®   -   August 22, 2006

The Australasian Regional Council held its second meeting at InfoComm 06 in Orlando Florida. The meeting was chaired by Andrew Yuen of Edcom Ltd, Hong Kong (Australasian Council) and was attended by InfoComm International members from Australia and Asia.

The meeting started with an opening by Andrew Yuen, Council Chair, on the purpose of the council and role and responsibilities of Board of Governors members, council members and their mission, and InfoComm International staff.

Jonathan Seller, InfoComm International Regional Manager in Australia & NZ, briefed the council on current membership in the region, now at approximately 150. This number, he said, represents number of member companies and does not reflect the actual number of individuals these member companies encompass.

Jonathan Seller also discussed the outcome of ongoing InfoComm International Education held in the region throughout the year. There are 225 individuals who currently hold a CTS. The CTS Prep course & Test program was launched in the region in August of '05.

The CAVSP is in the process of expanding in the region. Currently there are 2 CAVSP companies in Australia and NZ and an additional 3 in Asia.

Tony Crump, on behalf of Brad Hogan of the Australian sub-council; said, that InfoComm needs to increase number of CTS and CAVSP particularly in Australia. It is his belief that it will highlight the advantages of companies that are certified versus non-certified companies and help dispel the notion that certification is a North American phenomenon. The Certified Audio Visual Solutions Provider (CAVSP) seal indicates that companies or departments within organizations have achieved a level of certification among their staff. Gold certification recognizes 75 percent of all sales, customer service and technical staff have and maintain InfoComm International certification, while silver certification recognizes that 50 percent of staff are InfoComm International certified and basic certification recognizes that 25 percent of staff are InfoComm International certified.

Cheryl Regan InfoComm International's Director of Outreach discussed the purpose of launching "AV Week" from October 22-28, 2006. For those who wish to participate Cheryl Regan had distributed a free tool kit and materials to help members create their own events. AV Week is to raise awareness of the audiovisual industry, the role of AV professionals and the value that AV products add to people's lives. Council Members are asked to provide a list of appropriate regional shows where InfoComm would find the desired audience to promote the Association's activities.

The Council Chair encouraged members in attendance to put forward issues that they would like to see the council address.

For more information, on the recent meeting in Orlando Florida, the summary is posted in the Australasian Council members-only page.

If you would like further information on the Australasia Council and its future activities, please contact the InfoComm International Australia and Asia Regional Managers.


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