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The Members-Only InfoComm BusinessKit CD

The InfoComm BusinessKit CD, designed especially for and available only to members, contains a variety of documents to assist you as an AV professional. If you've ever wished you had AV-specific contract templates, presentation templates, best practices, HR tools and a wealth of other resources in one handy location, it's here now! The CD contains documents and materials never before available in one place.

To make it easy for you to find what you need, the resources are categorized by function such as Human Resources, Marketing, etc. We have also included an alphabetical listing of the documents by title.

Also on the CD is a link to the online InfoComm Job Description Creator, which contains valuable tools for creating your job descriptions, conducting performance reviews, and providing recommended training courses for your staff.

How to get the BusinessKit CD

Following is a listing of the documents and materials you will find on the members-only InfoComm BusinessKit CD.

Council Documents

  • Independent Consultants in AV Technologies (ICAT)
    • ICAT Future Summit (2001) (PDF)
    • Master Format Division 27 (PDF)
    • ICAT Membership Application
  • Independent Programmers
    • Roadmap to Control - Request for Comments Version (PDF)
  • Independent Reps
    • Independent Reps Agreement (PDF)
  • Manufacturers
    • The Gallup Poll on Counterfeiting and Piracy (2005)(PPT)
    • Europe and Asia Export Briefing (2005) (PPT)
  • Rental & Staging
    • InfoComm 2005 Rental and Staging Forum Audience Responses (PDF)
    • InfoComm Boilerplate Rental Terms and Conditions with Arbitration Clause, April 2002 (PDF)
    • InfoComm Boilerplate Rental Terms and Conditions with Court Resolution of Disputes, April 2002 (PDF)
    • InfoComm Rental and Staging Council Loss Prevention Tips (PDF)
  • The Sound, AudioVisual and Video Integrators Council (SAVVI)
    • SAVVI Standard Owner Contract (PDF)
    • SAVVI Standard Owner Contract (Word)
    • Sample Software Agreement (ZIP)
    • AVSP Software License Agreement (PDF)
    • AVSP Software License Agreement (Word)
    • Dashboard for Controls Design Guide (PDF)
    • Dashboard for Controls Design Reference (PDF)
  • Listserv Guidelines
  • Council Application
  • Council Guidelines
  • Council and Committee FAQs

Market Research

  • AV Market Definition Size and Strategy Study-Manufacturer
  • 2005 InfoComm Market Forecast Survey Report
  • 2004 InfoComm Dealer Comp & Financial Survey
  • Market Research Reports
    • US Economic Update Nov 2005
    • US Economic Update July 2005
    • US Economic Update April 2005
  • InfoComm 2005 AV Technology in Higher Education Executive Summary
  • InfoComm 2005 State and Local Government Study Executive Summary
  • InfoComm Market Forecast Survey 2006 - Executive Summary
  • Market Reports from Trade Press

Market Awareness

  • PowerPoint Templates
    • InfoComm Only Template 16x9
    • InfoComm Template w Member Logo
    • InfoComm Template With Member Logo 16x9
    • InfoComm Only Template
  • Brochures
    • Hiring an AV Presentation Professional
    • AV Guide for Events
  • Standards of Excellence
    • Standards of Excellence - Client
    • Standards of Excellence - Commercial


  • All Member Logos
    • InfoComm Member Logo.tif
    • InfoComm Member Logo.eps
    • InfoComm Member Logo.gif
    • InfoComm Member Logo.jpg
  • Publishing Permission Agreement


  • New Employee Checklist
  • Application for Employment
  • Candidate Evaluation Form
  • Computer, Internet and Email Policy
  • Conflict Resolution Procedure
  • Contingent Job Offer Letter
  • Drugs and Alcohol Use Policy
  • EEOC Required Information Form
  • Employee Acknowledgement Form
  • Employee Confidentiality Form
  • Employee Grievance Procedure
  • Exit Checklist
  • Exit Interview Questionnaire
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Initial Interview Questions
  • Non-discrimination and Harassment policy
  • Reference Checking Form
  • Rejection Letter


  • Course Outlines
    • AV From A-Z for Sales Professionals Outline
    • CTS Prep Glossary
    • Design Online Outline
    • Audio, Video and Control Networking Course Outline
    • Quick Start to the Audiovisual Industry Course Outline
    • Rental School Online Course Outline
    • Essentials of the AV Industry Outline
    • Install 2 Lead Installation Tech Registration Form
    • Install Online Course Outline
    • Networking for Commercial AV Professional Final
  • Course Catalog
  • International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF) Scholarship Application (2006-2007)


  • Certification Applications
    • Specialized CTS Application
    • CAVSP Provider Application
  • CTS-I Certification Process
  • CTS General Sample Test Questions
  • Certification Code of Ethics
  • Codigo de Etica Profesional (Certification Code of Ethics - Spanish)
  • Certification Honor Code
  • Certification Renewal form
  • Specialized Certification Information CTS-D & CTS-I
  • Specialized CTS Certification Application
  • Apprenticeship White Paper
  • Honor Code Forms for CTS General Exam
  • Advance course and CTS General Readiness Assessment Quiz
  • Calculation File for CAVSP Status

Membership Services

  • Business Insurance Program Description
  • InfoComm Directory of State Licensing Requirements
  • InfoComm International Bylaws
  • InfoComm Member Logo (4 formats)


  • Exhibitor Prospectus
  • Attendee Brochure 2006
  • Free Pass 2006

Tech Library

  • White papers
    • Angles of View Digital Cinema Take 1
    • Angles of View Watching Technology Moving Target
    • Companion Guide to Wireless
    • Comparing Diversity Reception Techniques
    • Digital Entertainment in the Home
    • Home Builders key Channel for Consumer Electronics
    • Make the Best of ISDN Based Videoconferencing
    • Putting the Home Network to Work
    • Report on labor Issues in the Audiovisual Industry
    • Simplifying the Recording and Streaming of Rich Media Presentations
    • Specifying and Assessing Projected Image Quality
    • The Business Case for on Demand Rich Media ODRM
    • The Managed Services Conundrum
    • The Market for Ultra-Wideband Solutions 2005
    • Projector Images and Room Light Levels
    • Applications: Putting Computer Projection Theory Into Practice
    • Networking Projectors Can Save Time & Money
    • Purchasing a Projector for Education
    • The Need for Digital Projection Technology in Education
    • Large Multichannel Wireless Microphone Systems
  • Tutorials
  • Executive Updates
  • Articles by InfoComm International members
  • Recommended AV Books

Best Practices

  • Looking Back on the Industry
  • Standards of Excellence (AV Solutions Provider (AVSP)
  • Standards of Excellence (AV Client Commitment)
  • AV Process Overview
  • AV Provider Scope Work Checklist
  • AV Task Parameters for Development of the AV Program
  • AV Needs Analysis/Program Meeting Agenda Sample
  • Design Phase Infrastructure Coordination Checklist
  • Outline of Typical RFP/Design Package Components
  • AV Construction Kickoff Meeting Agenda
  • Site Readiness and Security Checklist
  • Shop and AS-Built Drawing Components Checklist
  • Substantial Completion Checklist
  • Final AV System Record Documentation Package Checklist
  • Sample Software License Agreement
  • Standard AIA Project Forms and Templates
  • The Brooks Act
  • Owner Responsibility Checklist
  • Statement of AV Integrator Qualifications
  • Program Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Sample AV Substantial Completion Form
  • Sample Warranty Terms
  • Glossary

InfoComm Products and Services

  • 2006 Academy Training Calendar
  • InfoComm Certification Ad
  • InfoComm Certification Brochure 2004
  • Applications
    • Associate Application (USA)
    • Commercial Application (USA)
    • Organization Application (USA)
    • Student Application (USA)
  • Membership Brochures
    • Domestic Member Brochure
    • International Member Brochure
  • Council Recruitment PDFs
    • Independent Reps Council Recruitment Piece
    • Manufacturers Council Recruitment Piece
    • Membership Committee Recruitment Piece
    • PETC Recruitment Piece
    • Presentations Council Recruitment Piece
    • Independent Programmers Council Recruitment Piece
    • Rental and Staging Council Recruitment Piece
    • SAVVI Council Recruitment Piece
    • Tech Managers Council Recruitment Piece
    • AustralAsian Council Recruitment Piece
    • European Council Recruitment Piece
    • Exhibitors Committee Recruitment Piece
    • ICAT Council Recruitment Piece

About InfoComm

  • Organizational Chart (generic)
  • Contacting InfoComm

How to get the BusinessKit CD

Members, you'll be receiving your BusinessKit CD and Member Handbook shortly by mail.  We are mailing them, along with our new Course Catalog, to all member primary contacts. If you have any questions regarding this benefit or your membership, please contact customerservice@infocomm.org.

Non-members wishing to take this opportunity to find out more about the great benefits of InfoComm membership, please see www.infocomm.org/membership, where you can find fee information and applications to join. Upon joining, you will receive your BusinessKit CD and Member Handbook as part of your Membership Welcome Package.  If you have any questions regarding the CD or membership in general, please contact membership@infocomm.org.


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