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TFCinfo flat screen display mount study

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Disclaimer: InfoComm International® has republished this press release with the original grammar and spelling intact. InfoComm International reserves the right to modify the release for language or claims that may be offensive to competing companies. Sources may contact news@infocomm.org regarding editing decisions.

SOURCE: TFCinfo · POSTED: 09/18/06

First of its kind research, helps mount companies understand their customers better

AUSTIN, Texas -- TFCinfo, a worldwide leader in AV market research, has published a new research report entitled TFCinfo Flat Screen Display Mount Study 2006, that will enable display mount manufacturers and dealers to understand usage and trends in the display mount hardware market, and will provide companies with the information needed to create targeted marketing initiatives, and to grow their overall business.

Companies in the display mount industry have been hampered in their strategic business decision-making ability because reliable industry tracking information has been non-existent. Not only has month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter mount sales data been unavailable, but the crucial understanding of their customers’ preferences and buying habits - typically the most expensive of the basic marketing knowledge to gather - has been even less attainable.

“We spoke to all major mount companies before launching our project in order to learn their research needs. We heard from the mount industry that what they needed was solid, actionable data, but at an affordable price,” stated Paul Martin, president of TFCinfo. “First and foremost, mount manufacturers want to understand their traditional business customers, and to learn more about their newest customer group that use their flat panels for home entertainment. They also want to be able to see any differences in preferences and buying behavior between past and future display mount purchasers, so they asked us to capture this data as well.”

TFCinfo has used its formidable knowledge of the audiovisual industry, as well as its fine-honed expertise in end-user survey capabilities, and has transformed how manufacturers look at the flat panel mount market with the publication of TFCinfo Flat Screen Display Mount Study 2006 which reveals usage and trends of the mount purchaser. In addition, TFCinfo will also launch its flat panel mount hardware tracking report subscription, entitled TFCinfo Display Mount POS Report, which tracks representative sales of mounts and compiles them into one easy to use data sheet each and every month.

Cindy Weinschreider, Bretford’s National Sales Manager states "Our investments in the flat panel mount business are important to us, and TFCinfo's study provided Bretford with the insight we needed to not only familiarize ourselves with the market, but it also allowed us to make important changes to our launch strategy. TFCinfo’s study is the most actionable research I’ve seen for our industry! We are looking forward to their Monthly Mount POS Reports.”

TFCinfo is committed to helping the AV industry by being first to study important AV buying segments. TFCinfo Flat Screen Display Mount Study 2006 is the first and only formal multi-client study of display mount hardware and is an essential sales growth tool.

“The flat panel mount manufactures have almost universally acted on their belief that understanding their markets and their customers’ preferences better than the next company is critical to their sustained growth and profitability,” states Tanya Lippke, TFCinfo Manager of Survey Market Research. “We put together this research study with their input and they instantly saw the need and rewarded us with their interest.”

The TFCinfo Flat Screen Display Mount Study 2006 compares and contrasts findings from four distinct groups: business users, entertainment users, past purchasers of flat screen display mounts and future purchasers.

A sample of the questions that are answered in this exciting report include:

  • What are the resources utilized to research mounts? I.e., where should mount companies advertise?
  • What are the important purchasing factors of mounts (style, price, size, color, ease of installation, ease of use, compatibility, sturdy/strong etc)?
  • Which mount brands are purchasers familiar with? Which brands do they consider for purchase?
  • What are the important aspects of purchasing from a mount company (customer service, warranty, easy to understand directions, ease of ordering, on-time delivery, competitive prices, variety of choices, knowledgeable sales representative, etc.)?
  • What mounting options and features are purchasers interested in most?
  • At what price are purchasers willing to buy various flat screen display mount styles?
  • Where are these display mounts purchased?
  • When is the decision for a display mount made in relation to the flat screen decision? Are there any factors at that time that can have a direct affect on the purchase decision?
  • How are, or will, these mounts be installed and how was the installation experience?

For a complete brochure and outline of this study, or for more information on purchasing, please contact Tanya Lippke at 207.783.0055 or tmlippke@tfcinfo.com.


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