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"Projectors and displays used to be “nice to haves” and are now “must haves”. Today’s “nice to have” systems include such products as video conferencing and video streaming of live video feeds."

2005 AV Trends & Opportunities Study: State & Local Government

Market Research
New study released: AV use in higher education growing
By InfoComm International®   -   November 16, 2005
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Market Research

New classrooms, collaborative education methods, drive demand

FAIRFAX, Va. -- A new study suggests that in the next five years, half of all higher education classrooms will be equipped with AV technology. The number of classrooms with AV equipment has doubled every year for the past five years, and is expected to continue to double annually through 2010.

The study, AV Technology in Higher Education, was conducted by Acclaro Growth Partners, an independent strategic research firm, on behalf of InfoComm International®, the international trade association representing the professional audiovisual industry.

The study finds that 75% of the demand for AV equipment in higher education is the result of construction of new classrooms. The total number of higher education students in the United States is expected to peak in 2008, resulting in an increase in construction of new facilities. Technology is being integrated in the new classrooms, reflecting changes in education methods, including the increased use of collaborative techniques and project-based assignments. AV is also being used to attract increasingly tech-savvy students, and to accommodate distance learning programs, which expand both the reach and revenues of higher education institutions.

“We are pleased to see the higher education community embracing AV technology,” said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director of InfoComm International. “It is encouraging to see colleges and universities looking at AV as a long-term investment that is enhancing the quality of education, while reducing its cost, eliminating academic bottlenecks, and assisting recruitment efforts."

AV Technology in Higher Education examines the use of AV in higher education by geographical region and by type of institution. The study explains the educational, financial and technological benefits realized by higher education institutions using AV technology. Copies can be purchased at www.infocomm.org. Educators wishing to learn more about the educational applications of AV technology are encouraged to attend InfoComm 06, the largest annual conference and exhibition for AV buyers and sellers worldwide. The show will be held from June 3-9, 2006, in Orlando, Florida.

About Acclaro Growth Partners

Acclaro Growth Partners is a premier strategic research and business consulting firm that assists organizations in the private and public sectors with primary research-based market intelligence, market growth and profitability strategies, as well as short and long range strategic and implementation planning. Acclaro provides ground truth, actionable market intelligence and strategy reports that help businesses and industries plan their sales and marketing efforts.

Betsy Jaffe
Public Relations Director


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