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Certification Prep 
 Perth | Sep 26-28, 06
 USA | Oct 03-05, 06
 New Delhi | Oct 30-Nov 01, 06
 Singapore | Nov 13-15, 06

Design School Level 1: Principles of Applied AV Design
USA | Oct 15-17, 06
Design School Level 2: Facilities Design
London | Oct 23-25, 06 Fairfax | Dec 03-05, 06
Design School Level 3: Systems Design
USA | Dec 06-08, 06
CTS-D Testing
USA | Dec 09, 06
Installation Technician Essentials
Mumbai | Sep 20-22, 06
Sydney | Oct 3-5, 06
Bangkok | Nov 6-8, 06
Installation School Level 1:
Installation Technician

USA | Sep 24-26, 06
Installation School Level 2:
Lead Installation Technician

USA | Oct 25-27, 06
CTS-I Testing
USA | Oct 28, 06
Designing Telecommunications Distribution Systems
USA | Oct 20-Nov 03, 06

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InfoComm International POV Webinars

InfoComm International Market Research Webinars

The North America AV Market: A look inside
Early 2007 - TBD

More information on this webinar will be provided later in the year.

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Compensation: What works, what doesn’t (PPT)
held 8/25/06

Findings from the 2006 InfoComm Compensation and Benefits Report. The report covers 26 different positions within AV businesses and discusses the compensation practices and benefits offered by respondents. Discussion of the plusses and minuses of a variety of different compensation strategies in order to attract and keep the best employees.

The European AV Market: An inside look (PPT)
held 6/22/06

Findings from InfoComm's 2006 European Market Definition and Strategy Study, which addresses the market size across 15 European countries. It also includes an assessment of channel structure, product and service opportunities, customer needs, and a trend analysis of major technological, economic, social, and regulatory issues likely to affect the way pro AV products are bought and sold in Europe. Contains specific business strategy suggestions for companies doing business in Europe and those looking to enter the European market.

Forecasts for the Pro AV Dealer (PDF)
held 3/15/06

Findings from the 2006 Market Forecast Survey. Based on studies, InfoComm’s 2006 Market Forecast Survey found that the AV industry in both Europe and North America is expected to grow dramatically in 2006. The single biggest factor for this increase is the demand for networked AV products due to the integration of AV and IT technology. The webinar discussed the leading markets for AV, benefits of AV as cited by customers, as well as technology trends.


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