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Certification Prep 
 Perth | Sep 26-28, 06
 USA | Oct 03-05, 06
 New Delhi | Oct 30-Nov 01, 06
 Singapore | Nov 13-15, 06

Design School Level 1: Principles of Applied AV Design
USA | Oct 15-17, 06
Design School Level 2: Facilities Design
London | Oct 23-25, 06 Fairfax | Dec 03-05, 06
Design School Level 3: Systems Design
USA | Dec 06-08, 06
CTS-D Testing
USA | Dec 09, 06
Installation Technician Essentials
Mumbai | Sep 20-22, 06
Sydney | Oct 3-5, 06
Bangkok | Nov 6-8, 06
Installation School Level 1:
Installation Technician

USA | Sep 24-26, 06
Installation School Level 2:
Lead Installation Technician

USA | Oct 25-27, 06
CTS-I Testing
USA | Oct 28, 06
Designing Telecommunications Distribution Systems
USA | Oct 20-Nov 03, 06

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Recommended AV Books

InfoComm International has compiled this list of publications from member recommendations to assist you in finding the most useful reference guides for your work in the audiovisual industry. Don't see a title you think should be on this list? Send recommendations to twalsh@infocomm.org.




Acoustical Designing in Architecture
Harris, Ph.D., Cyril M., and Vernon O. Knudsen N, Ph.D.; American Institute of Physics for the Acoustical Society of America, 1978.

Architectural Acoustics
Egan, M. David; New York City; McGraw-Hill, 1999. $70.00
Based on Egan's earlier work (1972), this text is aimed at practicing architects. It covers such key topics as sound systems design and mechanical noise control and evaluation.

Fundamentals of Acoustics 4th ed.
Kinsler, LE, FREY AR; New York City; John Wiley & Sons, 2000. $ 110.95

Master Handbook of Acoustics 4th edition
Everest, F. Alton; McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, 2000.  $39.95

Noise Control: Measurement, Analysis, and Countrol of Sound and Vibration
Wilson, Charles E: Malabar; Florida; Kreiger Company, 1994. $82.50




Handbook for Sound Engineers: The New Audio Cyclopedia
Ballou, Glen, ed.; Focal Press, 1998. $ 249.94

Sound System Engineering
Davis, Carolyn and Don Davis, ed.; Indianapolis, Indiana; Howard W. Sams & Company, 1987. $ 77.95

Audio Systems Design and Installation
Giddings, Phillip, ed.; Boston, MA; Focal P, 1990.

Principles of Digital Audio
Pohlman, Ken C, ed.; New York City; McGraw-Hill, 1995. $ 54.95
Presents an introductory text with lucid explanations on Digital Audio. Helps you understand complex material through crystal-clear presentations from an award winning professor and leading digital audio engineer.

Sound Reinforcement Handbook
Davis, Gary & Jones, Ralph; Milwaukee, WI; Hal Leonard, 1990. $ 23.07

If Bad Sound Were Fatal, Audio Would Be the Leading Cause of Death
Davis, Carolyn and Don Davis




Audio/Video Cable Installer's Pocket Guide
Lampen, Stephen; New York City; McGraw-Hill, 2002.

Audiovisual Best Practices: The Design and Integration Process for the AV and Construction Industry
Cape, CTS-D, Timothy and Jim Smith, CTS; Fairfax, VA; International Communications Industries Association, 2005. (Linked page includes sample agreements, contracts, checklists, glossary and more)

Basics of Audio and Visual Systems Design
Weems, CTS, MCP, Mike, ed.; Fairfax, VA; International Communications Industries Association, 2003.
Excerpts: Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Videowalls, The Book of the Big Electronic Image, 2nd ed.
Simpson, Robert S, Jordon Hill; Oxford; Focal Press, 1997; $89.95

Fiber Optic Reference Guide, 3rd ed.
Goff, David R.; Boston, MA; Focal Press, 2002. $44.99
Offers readers a solid understanding of the principles of fiber optic technology, especially as it relates to telecommunications, from its early days to developing future trends. Thoroughly updated and heavily illustrated.

The Communications Handbook
Dorf, Richard C.; Boca Ratan, FL. CRC Press, 1997.

Document Production and Project Management



Construction Specifications Institute:





National Electrical Code 2005
Earley, Mark W., et al. eds.; NFPA-70, Quincy, MA; National Fire Protection Association, 2005. $65.00
Produced by the NFPA, the popular National Electrical Code® 2005 Handbook contains the complete text of the 2005 edition of the NEC® supplemented by helpful facts and figures, full-color illustrations, real-world examples and expert commentary.

National Fire Alarm Code
Earley, Mark W., et al. eds.; NFPA-72, Quincy, MA; National Fire Protection Association, 2002. $46.25

Life Safety Code Earley, Mark W., et al. eds.; NFPA-101, Quincy, MA; National Fire Protection Association, 2003. $62.00

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:
  - IEEE Standard 142-1991 - Recommended Practice for Grounding of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (Green Book). New York City, 1991. $107.00

- IEEE Standard 1100-1999 - Recommended Practice for Powering and Grounding of Sensitive Electronic Equipment in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (Emerald Book). New York City, 1999. $143.00

- IEEE Standard 446-1995 - Recommended Practice of Emergency and Standby Powering for Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (Orange Book). New York City, 1987. $116.00


Introductory Circuit Analysis 10th edition
Boylestad , Robert L.; Prentice Hall, 2002.  $111.06


Lighting Control: Technology and Applications
Simpson, Robert S.; Boston, MA; Focal Press, 2003.  $79.99


Fundamentals of Physics 7th edition
Halliday, David, Resnick, Robert, Walker, Jearl, Wiley; 2004.  $117.26


The Presentation Survival Skills Guide
Endicott, Jim and Scott W. Lee Ph.D.; Newberg, OR; Distinction Publishing, 2001.

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 in 24 Hours
Bunzel, Tom; Indianapolis, IN; Que Publishing, 2003. $22.49















Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering
Benson, Blair and Jerry C. Whitaker, ed.; New York City: McGraw-Hill, 2000. $118.50

Video Engineering
Inglis, Andrew F., and Arch C. Luther; New York City: McGraw-Hill, 1996. $58.80

Television  Fundamentals
Watkinson, John, ed.; Boston, MA; Focal Press, 1996. $60.95

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)- 10CFR47 Part 76
Federal Communication Commission. Washington, DC: Federal Communications Commission, Rev. 1998. (free print from web)

Convergence in Broadcast and Communications Media
Watkinson, John; Focal Press, 2001. $99.95 

DTV: The Revolution in Electronic Media 3rd edition
Whitaker, Jerry; McGraw-Hill Professional; 2001. $65.00

The Guide to Digital Television 3rd Edition
Silbergleid, Michael, ed., Pescatore, Mark J., ed.; Miller Freeman Psn Inc; 2000 $19.95


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