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MCA-I� Pro-Track�: Maximize your InfoComm ROI
By Phil Stella   -      From: ,MCA-I Pro Track�
Editorial content partner

SOURCE: Tips from MCA-I Pro Track™ · POSTED: 03/16/05

Congratulations! You’re going to InfoComm 05 — an excellent tradeshow that will be a focused, manageable and enjoyable professional experience for you.

Your goal should be to maximize your — and your employer’s — Return On Investment. The better you connect InfoComm to solving identified media hardware, software or support services needs in your organization, the more value you will add and the greater your chances will be for returning next year.

So you can maximize your ROI, here’s a brief review of ‘Best Practices’ from veteran attendees to help you work the show like a pro.

  • Strategically work the show floor to get the best return on your investment of time and the boss's money. Before you walk in the door, make sure you plan where to go, what to ask and what to do. Presume you're at work, because ... well, you are.
  • Visit your highest priority vendors first before it gets too crowded. Allow enough time to ask the right questions about the products or services you’re evaluating and for in-depth demonstrations and hands-on practice. Go beyond kicking the tires and take the new gizmo for a long test drive.  
  • Remember to take full advantage of the networking opportunities throughout the show. Chat with other attendees who are considering the same products you are or, even better, who already bought them. Objective testimonials from satisfied customers can help you make the sale with management. Also, try to meet other media professionals who work in similar kinds of organizations. You can help each other find ways to do your jobs faster, better, cheaper or smarter.
  • Besides your booth visit and demo schedule, try to attend some of the excellent workshops on technical, process, content or management topics of interest to you or your department. Bring the handouts back to share what you learned. Get business cards of those presenters who could be useful resources. Also network with session attendees.

So, you accomplished all your objectives by working the show like a pro. If it seems like an awful lot like work, remember that part about being on the company time and the company dime. But, just because you’re finished with InfoComm for this year, you’ve still got more work to do. Increase your organization’s ROI with thorough follow through by sharing what you've learned and taking appropriate action steps.

  • Prepare a concise but comprehensive report for management, summarizing what you did, who you talked to, what you learned, what purchases you'll be recommending ... and how they’ll help your organization save money. 
  • Deliver debriefing presentations at departmental meetings so everyone can benefit from what you learned from vendor discussions, product demonstrations, networking and workshops. Share the intellectual capital.
  • Prepare your purchase proposals based on the information you gained from reps and other attendees and attach product literature.  
  • And, of course, seriously downplay that you actually had lots of fun in Las Vegas, too. Keep the cool SWAG (Stuff We All Get) at home, but do share the Post-it note pads and nifty pens you picked up with your teammates.

Properly done, these important follow through strategies can reinforce the value InfoComm will have for your organization, make you and your boss both look good and increase the probability you’ll be able to come back next year. It’s Show Time!

Disclaimer: This article originally appeared in a content partner publication. ICIA/InfoComm reserves the right to modify the release for grammar, format, and for language or claims that may be offensive to competing companies. Sources may contact Michael Champlin at mchamplin@infocomm.org regarding ICIA's editing decisions.


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