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USA | Dec 09, 06
Design School Level 1: The Principles of Applied AV Design
Sydney | Mar 4-9, 07
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Fairfax | Dec 03-05, 06
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Installation Technician Essentials
Sydney | Mar 7-9, 07
Principles of AV/IT Integration
ISE - Amsterdam | Jan 29-31, 07

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Installation Technician Essentials - Sydney

Installation Technician Essentials
     Sydney, Australia
     7-9 March 2007

About this course

In the Installation Technician Essentials class, the student will be exposed to all phases of the audiovisual integration process. Using a project scope as a model, the student will learn the importance of project management, integration skills and system verification. The 3-day course will cover hardware issues such as cable termination, equipment rack construction, and site preparation. System measurement and adjustments for audio, video and control will be studied. The student will also be exposed to other essential elements such as system troubleshooting, overall quality, and working with other trades.

Registration, EduBucks or other Enquiries, please contact:
Jonathan Seller, CTS, Regional Manager InfoComm Australia & New Zealand
Phone: +61 2 8206 0979
Fax:  +61 2 9383 8550
Email: jseller@infocomm.org


Day 1

 Day 2

 Day 3

Defining a project
The process of a project
Project documentation
Installation hardware - mounts, racks
Cable and wire types
Distinguishing between analog, digital, balanced and unbalanced signals
Cable termination processes
Termination tolerances
Equipment rack layout
Signal separation
Cable management
Test equipment the tech needs to know
The importance of system adjustment
Audio system gain structure
Audio system equalization
Video signal equalization
Video display setup and alignment
Networking Fundamentals
DVI and HDMI signals
Surround sound audio signal transport and processing





Installation Technician Essentials

AUD $1200*
US $900

 AUD $1800*
US $1350

Note: *Price does not include 10% GST which should be added to the net amount after EduBucks are applied.

Note: InfoComm International members may apply EduBucks toward up to 25% of this course (AUD $300 / US $225).

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