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CTS receives national registration
By Richard C. Jaffeson   -  

Republished with permission of ©Richard C. Jaffeson, National Certification Commission, March 2005. Content is copyright protected. Reproduction of this article in its entirety on a listserv or listserv archives, must have written permission in advance from the author.

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National Certification Commission

NEWS RELEASE | SOURCE: National Certification Commission
RELEASED: 03/05 · POSTED: 03/17/05

CHEVY CHASE, Md. -- The International Communications Industries Association, Inc. ® (ICIA®) in Fairfax, Va., recently received approval for national registration of the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) designation. The CTS was established in 1998 and represents a primary recognition category from which individuals can proceed to four advanced specializations also offered by ICIA.

National registration of certification designations, offered since November 1993 by the Commission, includes an assessment of program information provided in a detailed application supplemented with appropriate support documentation. The review process considers 20 criteria and guidelines for effective administration and presentation of certification programs. There are more than 40 designations similarly approved from 20 certification programs. Most provide multiple categories.

The criteria are requirements considered necessary for approval, examples include adequacy of the program to recognize the career in an assessment of education and experience; process availability and objectivity; appropriateness of the designation title; number of approved participants; staff resources and functions; advisory committee composition, qualifications, and responsibilities; and applicability of components, requirements, and the evaluation.

Once the review of the submitted application and documentation is completed, which typically takes three months, potentially there are three recommendations: Full Registration, Pending Registration and Deferred Registration.

The CTS obtained Full Registration, which is renewed annually, and requires updating pertinent information regarding the category.

The application and documentation were carefully prepared and all inclusive, such that no additional items were needed, reflecting a complete and accurate submission. These items were provided by Lou Nanni, ICIA Director of Certification.

The designation is available to anyone involved and interested in this career either in technical, management or marketing positions; and the qualifying factor is the examination. The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and requires an 80 percent passing score. An interesting feature is the exam is available continuously online, and questions are randomly selected from an approved database. Once candidates have registered, they have 30 days to successfully complete the exam. They are provided three attempts within that timeframe, and if unsuccessful, candidates must again register. The exam is monitored by a proctor who signs a statement that no assistance was provided and the correct person took the exam. The registration fee of $200 is the same for both members and non-members. Of the 1,150 approved for the CTS, 746 were successful on their first exam.

There are four major content areas on the exam, and preparation is available online upon registration. Renewal is required annually, and after three years, designates must reapply.

For individuals, ICIA offers four more designations: CTS-D (Design), CTS-I (Installation), CTS-R (Rentals) and CTS-S (Sales). And, for companies, ICIA has the CAVSP, accreditation approval entitled, Certified AudioVisual Solutions Provider (CAVSP).

ICIA was formed in 1939 as the National Audio Visual Educational Dealers Association. Today it represents more than 3,000 companies in 56 nations who provide audiovisual education, exhibitions and related information.

For details on national registration approval and the application, or ACA and BCA designations for certification administrators, please contact the Commission.

Disclaimer: The facts contained in this article are based on an original press release. ICIA/InfoComm reserves the right to modify the release for grammar, style, format, and for language or claims that may be offensive to competing companies. Sources may contact Michael Champlin at regarding ICIA’s editing decisions.