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Certification Prep 
 Perth | Sep 26-28, 06
 USA | Oct 03-05, 06
 New Delhi | Oct 30-Nov 01, 06
 Singapore | Nov 13-15, 06

Design School Level 1: Principles of Applied AV Design
USA | Oct 15-17, 06
Design School Level 2: Facilities Design
London | Oct 23-25, 06 Fairfax | Dec 03-05, 06
Design School Level 3: Systems Design
USA | Dec 06-08, 06
CTS-D Testing
USA | Dec 09, 06
Installation Technician Essentials
Mumbai | Sep 20-22, 06
Sydney | Oct 3-5, 06
Bangkok | Nov 6-8, 06
Installation School Level 1:
Installation Technician

USA | Sep 24-26, 06
Installation School Level 2:
Lead Installation Technician

USA | Oct 25-27, 06
CTS-I Testing
USA | Oct 28, 06
Designing Telecommunications Distribution Systems
USA | Oct 20-Nov 03, 06

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White Papers

If you've written a white paper (related to the AV communications industry) that you'd like to republish in InfoComm International's new Tech Library, please contact mchamplin@infocomm.org. Read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Angles of View: Digital Cinema - Take 1
By M. Kim Milliken (provided by Da-Lite)
The influence of Digital Cinema as it progresses on pro AV.

Angles of View: Watching Technology a Moving Target
By M. Kim Milliken (provided by Da-Lite)
A look at the changing role of visual display systems.

Applications: Putting Computer Projection Theory into Practice
(provided by BOXLIGHT)
How teachers, students and staff can use projectors in an educational setting.

Audio for distance learning
(provided by Shure Incorporated)
What it takes to make audio work in distance learning classrooms.

Audio Systems Guide for Meeting Facilities
(provided by Shure Incorporated)
How microphones and mixers are applied to meeting facility sound situations.

Comparing Diversity Reception Techniques
(provided by Lectrosonics)
Using advanced techniques in the digital realm to analyze and correct antenna phase.

(provided by Biamp Systems)
This technical paper summarizes Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and discusses related design guidelines and troubleshooting.

■ Essentials of Control for Videoconference Part 1 & Part 2
By Scott Sharer, CTS, BA, MFA
A guide for anyone responsible for mapping out, specifying, integrating, configuring, designing and programming the functional Control Systems for visual presentation and videoconference space(s) and systems.

Guidelines for protection of intellectual property
(provided by William Rambo and Stephen D. Strauss, Attorneys)
The white paper outlines the types of intellectual property that are commonly found in the AV industry and how their owners may protect their property from infringement by others.

Image sticking and burn-in in flat panel displays
By Goran Stojmenovik, Ph.D. (provided by Barco)
This white paper demystifies the myths associated with the terms "image retention," "image sticking," and "burn-in."

Infrastructure — Designing Value Into the Future
By John Pfleiderer, MA, CTS-D (provided by INS Asia)
-appeared in INS Asia February/March 2006
An in-depth look at conveyance infrastructure design including standards, kinds of conveyance, conduit sizes needed for AV installations and more.

Interactive Digital Signage
By Anthony Uhrick (provided by NextWindow)
With interactive digital signage (iDS), one can deploy “adaptive advertising” offering the ability to adjust the content based on user inputs while providing a measurement tool to gauge the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

Large multichannel wireless microphone systems
By Joe Ciaudelli (provided by Sennheiser Electronic Corporation)
In-depth planning of large multi-channel systems for wireless microphones.

Networking Projectors Can Save Time & Money
(provided by BOXLIGHT)
A brief look at the many benefits of networking projectors.

Projector Images and Room Light Levels
By Ron Ohlhaber (provided by Dukane)
Projector light output and the effects of ambient or background light from other sources in the room.

■  Prominent & Baffling Circuit-Switched / ISDN Anomalies in H.320 Videoconferencing
By Scott Sharer, CTS, BA, MFA
Possible causes and solutions for certain performance problems when using an H.320 videoconference terminal over ISDN connections.

Purchasing a Projector for Education
(provided by BOXLIGHT)
Basic features that educators need to consider when buying a projector.

Report on Labor Issues in the Audiovisual Industry
By Alfred T. DeMaria, Esq., Clifton Budd & DeMaria, LLP
What role will AV certification take in the near future?

Selection and Operation of Audio Signal Processors
(provided by Shure Incorporated)
How to choose and use audio signal processors to optimize a sound system.

Selection and Operation of Wireless Microphone Systems
(provided by Shure Incorporated)
How wireless microphone systems work and how to make them work.

Specifying and Assessing Projected Image Quality
By Greg Jeffreys
A working document for developing a quality standard for the specification and assessment of projected images.

Simplifying the Recording and Streaming of Rich Media Presentations
By Michael Hoch, VP Research, RampRate, Inc., sponsored by Sonic Foundry
This new white paper outlines how rich media is being used to improve productivity, reduce cycle times, and increase access to important training and information.

Telematics in Asia: Development and impact
(provided by Fusion Consulting)
An overview of the development of Telematics in Asia, and its impact on the automotive industry and other sectors including audiovisual, telecom and media.

The Companion Guide to Wireless Microphone Systems
(provided by Telex 2003)
A description of the technologies behind Telex/Electro-Voice® microphones.

The need for Digital Projection Technology in Education
(provided by BOXLIGHT)
How visuals such as projections can facilitate learning.

The whole story behind display specifications and human vision Part 1
By Goran Stojmenovik, Ph.D., (provided by Barco)
This white paper explains some of the basic terms, concepts and confusion issues frequently encountered in the display world.

The whole story behind display specifications and human vision Part 2
By Goran Stojmenovik, Ph.D., (provided by Barco)
A closer look at human vision to explain when a display is perceived as a good display and what are the requirements posed by the human visual system to create a good display.

Understanding Sound System Design and Feedback Using (Ugh!) Math
By Rick Frank (provided by Shure Incorporated)
Using the Potential Acoustic Gain equation as a building block of sound system design.

■ White Papers from Fusion Consulting
  Southeast Asia Electronics Industry Outlook

■ White Papers from Parks Associates
   Home Builders - Key Channel for Consumer Electronics
   Digital Entertainment in the Home
   Putting the Home Network to Work
   The Market for Ultra-Wideband Solutions 2005

■ White Papers from Wainhouse Research
  Making the Best of ISDN-Based Videoconferencing
  The Business Case for On-Demand Rich Media (ODRM)
  The Managed Services Conundrum

Publication disclaimer:
The views presented in the white papers (and resources provided by InfoComm News Network) do not necessarily reflect those of InfoComm International, its membership, its affiliates or its staff. InfoComm does not endorse products of any manufacturer represented. Papers are published on a voluntary basis, without any judgments made based on their merits, as a means to provide technical and practical information to the industry as a whole. Authors retain all rights and ownership to their published works. To submit a white paper for publication in the Tech Library, e-mail Michael Champlin at mchamplin@infocomm.org


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