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 Perth | Sep 26-28, 06
 USA | Oct 03-05, 06
 New Delhi | Oct 30-Nov 01, 06
 Singapore | Nov 13-15, 06

Design School Level 1: Principles of Applied AV Design
USA | Oct 15-17, 06
Design School Level 2: Facilities Design
London | Oct 23-25, 06 Fairfax | Dec 03-05, 06
Design School Level 3: Systems Design
USA | Dec 06-08, 06
CTS-D Testing
USA | Dec 09, 06
Installation Technician Essentials
Mumbai | Sep 20-22, 06
Sydney | Oct 3-5, 06
Bangkok | Nov 6-8, 06
Installation School Level 1:
Installation Technician

USA | Sep 24-26, 06
Installation School Level 2:
Lead Installation Technician

USA | Oct 25-27, 06
CTS-I Testing
USA | Oct 28, 06
Designing Telecommunications Distribution Systems
USA | Oct 20-Nov 03, 06

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Audiovisual Best Practices

Audiovisual Best Practices:
The Design and Integration Process
for the AV and Construction Industry

All the copies at InfoComm 05 were SOLD OUT
but you can still order from the InfoComm Store!

The long-awaited book that addresses the AV process questions of architects, building and construction trade personnel, consultants, contractors, developers, engineers, facility owners, project managers and AV professionals is now available!
This extraordinary industry-encompassing publication presents an overview of the industry, explores the inner workings of AV projects with start-to-finish process descriptions, and concludes with an assessment of what the future holds for the industry.

Topics covered include:

Message from Randal A. Lemke, PhD, InfoComm International® Executive Director
Overview of the Design and Construction Process
Chapter 1 - Understanding the Project Team
Chapter 2 - Understanding the Process
Chapter 3 - Selecting and Contracting the Project Team
Chapter 4 - The Program Phase
Chapter 5 - The Design Phase
Chapter 6 - The Construction Phase
Chapter 7 - System Commissioning and Training

Appendices provide helpful sample contract forms (e.g., software license agreement) and checklists (e.g., standard AIA project forms and templates, questions to ask during the program and construction phases of AV projects), as well as a sample user guide, sample tech manual and AV glossary. 

Look Inside
View and download in their entirety

Over 20 sample pages from this book are available as PDF files — see list below.


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Basics of Audio and Visual Systems Design
together and save 10%.

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Sample Pages

InfoComm is offering an "inside look" at over 20 pages taken from this collaborative effort of representative groups in the AV industry. Browse the entire Table of Contents, Index and Appendices Table of Contents and see samples from checklists, schedules, the glossary and more.

All documents are in PDF format. Please note that included graphics are low resolution. Graphics in the book are high resolution.

Title Page
Introduction by InfoComm International Executive Director, Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D.
Table of Contents
AV Tasks and Parameters
AV Process Overview
Assessing Project Characteristics
Figure 19: The Sightline Study
Final AV System Record Documentation Package Checklist
Sample AV System Project Schedule
Table of Contents for Appendices

Audiovisual Best Practices:
The Design and Integration Process
for the AV and Construction Industry

Available now from the InfoComm Store

About the Contributors

Creating a book of this nature required a first-of-its-kind industry collaborative effort. Professionals from every aspect of the industry (in many cases, those who would be competitors outside of the conference room) sat together over a two-day period and planned this remarkable volume. Integrators, designers, and end users — typically coming to the project from differing perspectives — made a commitment that transcended their usual business interests. They joined forces, putting the best interest of the AV industry first. This book is the result of that effort.

Read more about the contributors to this book and their extraordinary collaboration.


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