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Certification Prep 
 Perth | Sep 26-28, 06
 USA | Oct 03-05, 06
 New Delhi | Oct 30-Nov 01, 06
 Singapore | Nov 13-15, 06

Design School Level 1: Principles of Applied AV Design
USA | Oct 15-17, 06
Design School Level 2: Facilities Design
London | Oct 23-25, 06 Fairfax | Dec 03-05, 06
Design School Level 3: Systems Design
USA | Dec 06-08, 06
CTS-D Testing
USA | Dec 09, 06
Installation Technician Essentials
Mumbai | Sep 20-22, 06
Sydney | Oct 3-5, 06
Bangkok | Nov 6-8, 06
Installation School Level 1:
Installation Technician

USA | Sep 24-26, 06
Installation School Level 2:
Lead Installation Technician

USA | Oct 25-27, 06
CTS-I Testing
USA | Oct 28, 06
Designing Telecommunications Distribution Systems
USA | Oct 20-Nov 03, 06

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Installation School Level 2: Lead Installation Tech.

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InfoComm Academy® Installation School Level 2: Lead Installation Technician is the second of two classroom courses in the InfoComm Academy Installation School. It prepares the experienced installer to move towards a leadership role for jobsite supervision of all aspects of the installation process.

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Contact an InfoComm International training counselor at 703.273.7200 or 1.800.659.7469, e-mail sales@infocomm.org, or register online today!

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Completion of the Essentials of the AV Industry Online course or a general Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) designation is strongly recommended, as is completion of the Installation School Online. It is also expected that attendees will have the skills and knowledge as outlined in the Installation School Level 1: Installation Technician Course


There is no time allotted for instruction to fill gaps for students who attend the classroom course and who are not prepared by taking courses in sequence.



Current installation technicians or project managers with two years diversified field AV installation experience desiring deeper technical training to lead AV installation project teams.


CTS Renewal Units

This course provides 24 renewal units (RUs) towards InfoComm certification renewal.


Course Description

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

Cable Handling

  • Define conduit permissible area
  • Calculate conduit capacity

Power and Ground

  • Recognize different power configurations possible in various facilities
  • Determine difficulties an AV system may have due to facility power distribution
  • Discriminate between good grounding practices and typical electrical ground

System Troubleshooting

  • Define logical steps for troubleshooting
  • State benefits to logical troubleshooting

Testing Procedures

  • Review of basic electronics
  • Use test equipment to set up systems, including visual test pattern generator; pink noise generator; tone generator; Real Time Analyzer; impedance bridge for loudspeaker impedance measurements
  • Discuss advanced audio and video troubleshooting

Introduction to Networking

  • Describe how networks are used in AV today
  • List five network components
  • Define UTP termination practices
  • Describe TCP/IP addressing

Control Systems

  • Analyze current control system condition testing for presence of all components and proper addressing of components
  • Load a touch panel program and a control processor program and verify operation

Audio Systems

  • Set up; gain stage adjustment
  • Audio systems gain structure: define an audio gain stage; define clipping; describe measurement practices and tools; describe the dB measuring method; perform proper gain stage adjustment
  • System equalization: define equalization; describe how the environment influences sound; describe the process of equalization; perform system equalization to match a preferred curve

RF Systems

  • Define typical system topology
  • Calculate system loss values

Rear Screen Installation

  • Discuss science of rear projection
  • Determine how to place rear projection elements in room
  • Determine how to angle the mirror properly

Display Set Up

  • Projection throw distance: list at least three factors that affect throw distance; list
    common aspect ratios; calculate image diagonal; calculate image height or width; calculate throw distance

Project Management Basics

  • List five elements in AV project management
  • List and define the four variables
  • List the steps involved in project management
  • Describe two scheduling tools for tracking projects

Time Commitment

This classroom course, is three days long, eight hours per day, plus three hours of evening work. Students should be prepared to work in the evenings of the first two days of class when attending this course.






Installation School Level 2:
Lead Installation Technician



Note: InfoComm International members may apply EduBucks toward up to 50% of the course tuition when offered in Fairfax, Va.

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Installation School Online
Installation School Level 1: Installation Technician
Installation School Level 2: Lead Installation Technician


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