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Focus 21 seeks CAVSP certification

NEWS RELEASE | SOURCE: Focus 21 Visual Communications Ltd.
RELEASED: 09/09/04 · POSTED: 09/10/04

Dear colleagues,

Some great news!

Yesterday, I applied to InfoComm/ICIA for our basic company CAVSP qualification. (Certified AudioVisual Solutions Provider).

Our application is based on our percentage of CTS-qualified personel. The basic qualification is for 25 percent of staff to be CTS qualified; there are some further targets for Silver and Gold accreditation that we now want to start working toward.

We are now only one of few in the country that have this global qualification — make sure you tell all of our customers!

Nigel and I are firmly behind getting staff in these courses, most of which are online, and we have demonstrated this by both becoming CTS qualified ourselves.

In the push to hit the target for the basic qualification, I would like to highlight Daniel Barrett and Alan Timson for particular praise, whose recent efforts were considerable given their seniority in the company and the industry itself.

This should be an example to all other "old in the tooth" seniors who have not yet got the qualification.

Well done, all.


Jim Harwood, CTS
Managing Director
Focus 21 Visual Communications Ltd

Registered in England No: 3557295

Telephone Main: +44 (0) 1784 44 11 53
Telephone DDI: +44 (0) 1784 22 58 41
Mobile: +44 (0) 7970 432 417
Fax: +44 (0) 1784 22 58 40

Disclaimer: The facts contained in this article are based on an original press release. ICIA/InfoComm reserves the right to modify the release for concerns regarding grammar, style and format.