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Selling and Integrating Networked AV Systems

The Networking Track

Audio-Video Control System and Networking

Networking for the Commercial AV Professional

Selling and Integrating Networked AV Systems

"Great follow-up and clarifier/amplifier
to the online course."
- Jon Maslansky, CTS,
Account Representative,
HB Communications

Selling and Integrating Networked AV Systems is the third of three courses in the InfoComm Academy Networking School.

Three Easy Ways to Register
Contact an InfoComm International training counselor at 703.273.7200 or 1.800.659.7469, e-mail sales@infocomm.org, or register online today!

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This course is designed for sales professionals and managers to help them understand the dynamics of AV/IT convergence and how to respond to them. 

Although this course may be taken as a standalone course, it is strongly recommended that students first complete Essentials of the AV Industry OnlineAV from A-Z for Sales Professionals Online or have a general CTS designation, followed by Audio-Video and Control System Networking sponsored by Crestron e-Control.

CTS Renewal Units
This course provides 16 renewal units (RUs) towards InfoComm certification renewal.

Course Description
Selling and Integrating Networked AV Systems is a two-day course focusing on the practical approach to selling, designing, and programming audiovisual presentation systems using IT infrastructure. Networking is playing a significant role in the infrastructure of today's presentation systems, and IT managers are quickly becoming one of the most influential decision makers in the purchase of audiovisual presentation systems. It is designed and delivered by Kayye Consulting, Inc. InfoComm International supports this course with other key pro-AV industry leaders (Biamp, Crestron, Da-Lite, Sanyo, and Sound & Communications magazine).

The key difference between this course and the Networking for the Commercial AV Professional course is that the Networking course has a hands-on portion providing the steps of designing and building a simple network and incorporating networking appliances from the AV industry. This course is much more sales and business oriented.


Business Case Justification of Networked AV Systems

  • Explain/justify the concept
  • The world of networkable AV gear
  • Projectors
  • Audio processing
  • Routers/access points
  • Control systems
  • Why care about networking AV gear?

How to Sell It

  • Typical customers
  • IT managers
  • Facility managers
  • AV managers
  • Presenters
  • Value proposition of AV professional vs. IT professional
  • Applications
  • Case Study A
  • Case Study B
  • Case Study C

Networking Basics

  • Infrastructure
  • TCP/IP
  • Devices
  • Wireless systems/standards


  • Design
  • Application specific issues
  • Configuration

Programming Issues

  • Router configuration
  • Firewalls
  • Communicating with telcos
  • Ordering Internet access
  • Ordering WLAN services
  • Ordering ISDN services
  • User Interface Design

Designing a System

  • Hands-on design
  • Presentation

Review and Testing for Certificate

Time Commitment
Selling and Integrating Networked AV Systems, a classroom course, is two days long, eight hours a day. Classes are from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. daily, with the possibility of later hours on one or two evenings. The last day of training is a full day and classes will run until 5:30 p.m., so please make travel plans accordingly.





Networking School Level 3:
Selling and Integrating Networked AV Systems



Note: InfoComm International members may apply EduBucks toward up to 50% of the course tuition ($375.00 maximum) when offered in Fairfax, Va.

When this course is offered by Kayye Consulting, Inc., scholarships in the form of co-op monies will pay for 50% of the tuition for those who attend at Kayye Consulting, Inc. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Networking School Overview
Networking School
 Level 1:
Audio-Video and Control System Networking
Networking School Level 2: Networking for the Commercial AV Professional
Networking School Level 3: Selling and Integrating Networked AV Systems


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