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As the demand for audiovisual services grows, suppliers and industry professionals everywhere are under pressure to prove themselves in this highly competitive market.

Training and expertise are critical factors when customers select a provider. They want to know that they will get the best services available from a highly skilled staff. But they're not going to just take your word for it anymore.

You need to show that your staff is certified.

InfoComm International®'s strong certification program validates the credentials of its professionals, establishes a competitive advantage for individuals and companies and distinguishes you as a trustworthy, skilled and knowledgeable source.

InfoComm has offered its certification program for over twenty years and every year certifies more qualified AV professionals than anyone else. It's simply the best AV training and experience standard there is — and customers know it!

Certify Yourself ... Your Staff ... Your Company
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The CTS designation is for AV professionals who have demonstrated knowledge and comprehension of the science and technology used in communications including audio, video, display and systems. Technicians, engineers, designers, salespeople, customer service personnel, managers and executives are eligible for taking the general certification (individual) testing. InfoComm's general certification is recognized by the National Certification Commission.

Specialized Certification
A CTS-D or CTS-I indicates at least two year's industry experience and a higher skill level than the CTS (general) designation. Although no specific courses are required for certification, InfoComm International offers courses through InfoComm Academy that can help candidates focus and refine their skills and knowledge. Testing for specialized certification is offered at various locations throughout the year.

Company Certification

CAVSP is awarded to organizations who have demonstrated their commitment to professional excellence. Companies can achieve General, Silver or Gold CAVSP levels based on the proportion of their technical sales and customer service personnel who earn General or Specialized individual certification.

InfoComm International's Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) at all levels of certification have demonstrated audiovisual technology knowledge and/or skills. Certified individuals adhere to a Code of Ethics and maintain their status through continued education. Certification is not a guarantee for performance by certified individuals. Certification demonstrates commitment to professional growth in the audiovisual industry and is strongly supported by InfoComm International.










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