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Ten Standards of Excellence

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AV Client Standards of Excellence

These ten standards of excellence were developed by InfoComm members in creating the AV Outreach Campaign. As the AV technology leader in your organization, you adhere to the following standards:

1)  Complete Solutions
AV clients know their communications needs or can assemble the parties necessary for Audiovisual Solutions Providers (AVSPs) to provide a comprehensive system to meet these needs.

2)  Informed Advice
AV clients pursue a collaborative relationship with AVSPs to consider cost, performance, schedule and expectations for new projects, ongoing operations and maintenance programs.

3)  Best Value
AV clients have business plans that address communications needs, opportunities and resources to achieve the best value from their AV products and services.

4)  Ongoing Technical Support
AV clients actively engage with AVSPs to determine and apply the appropriate resources to maintain the client's AV systems, considering a range of onsite or remote support and training available through AVSPs and manufacturers.

5)  Systems Compatibility
AV clients alert AVSPs to existing standards and practices that will affect AVSPs' delivery of  seamless and consistent operational interfaces.

6)  Scalability
AV clients routinely evaluate their current and future communications needs and resources to assist the ASVP in providing AV systems that are useful, cost-effective and conducive to upgrades.

7)  Clear Scope of Work
AV clients provide AVSPs with the specifications that will affect the scope of work and carefully evaluate the AVSP proposal or quotation to confirm that the project is effectively addressed.

8)  Appropriate Documentation
AV clients clearly define document requirements that are proportional to the sophistication of given AV systems, the capabilities and needs of end users and support staff, and the service expectations that the system must meet.

9)  Expert Technical Staff
AV clients are committed to the ongoing training and certification of technical and operations staff to keep current on new developments in AV technology.

10) Training Support
AV clients actively seek the appropriate level of training support from their AVSPs based on the clients' business needs, in-house expertise, location and other factors.

All InfoComm members are encouraged to agree to the Standards of Excellence. To sign your agreement, contact