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The CAVSP program has been instrumental in our success, by validating our high level of craftsmanship when compared to other firms. -- Logan Campbell, CTS, Jay S. Stanley & Associates, CAVSP, North Little Rock, Ark.

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For more than 30 years, InfoComm has offered its certification programs to establish and maintain widespread credibility for the AV industry and AV professionals. Your company can join nearly 300 others, which have obtained an organizational-level credential, known as the Certified AudioVisual Solutions Provider (CAVSP) — a recognition of professionalism and expertise achieved through professional development, training and continuously updated certification for your employees.

The CAVSP is the only organizational-level certification program of its kind. Consider becoming a CAVSP if you are:

  • A company whose primary business is the manufacture, sales, integration, design, consultancy or rental of AV equipment, systems and services; or

  • A department within an organization that manages and supports internal AV assets for organizations not involved in the commercial AV industry 

The CAVSP is based on the percentage of your personnel (technical, sales or customer service) who have achieved either the General CTS or the specialized CTS in Design or Installation.

There are three levels of CAVSP:
  • Gold CAVSP, recognizing 75 percent of all sales, customer service and
    technical staff have and maintain InfoComm Certification
  • Silver CAVSP, recognizing 50 percent of staff are InfoComm Certified
  • Basic CAVSP, recognizing 25 percent of staff are InfoComm Certified

The CAVSP is awarded on a location-by-location basis, and additional branches must qualify separately to obtain the designation. CAVSP companies have also agreed to comply with 10 Standards of Excellence that were developed in collaboration with industry experts to emphasize the best practices of AV businesses. The Standards of Excellence are a guidepost for AV companies and professionals who place the customer first and offer quality AV solutions. (See versions for AV Solutions Provders and AV Clients.) They include the commitment to provide complete customer satisfaction with AV solutions that provide value to the client. They convey the importance that AV solutions providers place on their own skills development through continuing education. They also cover the critical role that AV professionals play as partners with IT specialists, architects, building managers and others.

From a marketing perspective, AV companies can use their CAVSP status to promote themselves in bids, in advertising, on their business cards, on their trucks and offices, and on their uniforms. Just as with any other profession, customers are looking for a way to measure those they hire - in the AV world, the CTS and CAVSP standards provide credibility and recognition. Find out more by contacting

Notice: The CAVSP renewal policy has changed from a three-year time period to a one-year time period.  As of April 1, 2006, all CAVSP applications are approved for a period of one year. All current CAVSP holders will be renewed for one year as they become due. With each application, a fee of $65 is required for InfoComm member company locations. Non-members' fee is $150 and also applies to non-member branches of InfoComm member companies.