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Members have access to the most extensive information, education, exhibiting and peer networking opportunities available anywhere in the industry. Whether you are a commercial AV firm (or employee), or you work with AV technologies (but do not sell AV services/products), or you are a student hoping to develop an AV career, there is an InfoComm International membership option for you.

Choose Your Category
Please review the membership categories listed below to select the one most appropriate for you. Questions? Contact customer service or call 1.800.659.7469 or 1.703.273.7200.

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Commercial AV Companies
For companies involved in offering commercial AV products and services. Category includes AV dealers, resellers, systems integrators, rental and staging companies, design consultants, manufacturers, software publishers, independent representatives, media distributors, presentations consultants, marketing or advertising agencies, independent business consultants and others who provide services to the AV industry. (more)

Commercial AV member companies with multiple offices can add those offices as Branch members. (more)



For non-profit and for-profit organizations that use AV communications technologies, but are not involved in offering commercial AV products and services (such as education, corporations, government/military, entertainment, healthcare and religious organizations). Organization members can offer InfoComm International member benefits to multiple individuals. (more)

For anyone involved with AV communications technologies. Whether you're a freelancer, a manager of a university AV department, a presentations specialist for a corporation, or the occasional presenter with an avid interest in AV -- individuals who manage or use communications technologies in a non-commercial AV context are eligible for Associate Membership. (more) 

For high school and college students with an interest in an audiovisual career, InfoComm International welcomes you! Start your professional and educational journey with us! (more)