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The AV industry deserves its own week to celebrate the role of AV professionals and the value that AV products add to people’s lives. -- Ernie Bailey, CTS, Director of Audiovisual Services, Office of Academic Services, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Ark.

AV Week, inaugurated in 2006 to spotlight the value of AV technologies in people’s lives, has captured the imagination of the AV community around the world! More that 30 companies participated by hosting events in 15 states and Canada in '06, and AV Week 2007, planned for October 21-27, is expected to be an even more far-reaching event. The tools and materials InfoComm provides to AV companies to support their outreach efforts include demos, presentations, career fairs and other events - all of which can be seen as sponsorship opportunities!

What’s included in the AV Week Kit?

  • A planning guide filled with ideas for getting involved in AV Week
  • Marketing materials
  • AV Week T-shirt
  • Sample AV Week proclamation
  • A press release template
  • And much more

The kit is provided to any InfoComm member that requests it. InfoComm also provides brochures and materials at reduced or no cost to support members' AV Week events. To obtain AV Week materials, send email to

For those who are wondering what AV Week is all about, visit