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Essentials of the AV Industry

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The Essentials of the AV Industry online course provides a brief overview of the sales, rental, design and installation functions, with more in-depth explanations of the science and technology for basic audio, visual, and audiovisual systems integration. This introduction will build your understanding of the fundamentals used on a daily basis in the audiovisual industry. If you know how things work, you will be able to apply these fundamentals to new technologies and applications as they develop. When you know how things work, it helps you solve problems and meet your client’s needs (or your own).

The course is recommended to help you prepare for the general certification (CTS) exam.

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The best aspect of this course was InfoComm International's ability to organize all information into a progress sheet, status chart, and cover the knowledgeg thoroughly and professional... Thank you for giving this class... ...I now know the answers to questions clients ask frequently. -- Frank Kelske, CTS

Those new to the AV industry (i.e., within their first six months to a year of hire) or those who already understand the context of their job and how the industry works, but need depth on the technical side.

Topics Covered (see complete course outline PDF)

Audio Visual Audiovisual
Dynamic Sound
Capturing Sound
Audio Processing
Digital Audio
Audio System Set-up
Specialized Audio System
Vision and Light
Display Concerns
Display Technology     
Display Equipment
Visual Signs
Visual Sources
Visual Processing
Video Signal
Video Recording
Video Output
Video Distribution
Audiovisual Systems Integration
Lighting Systems
Systems for Conferencing Applications
Electrical Systems
Signal Management
Control System
Computer Systems
Audiovisual Networking

Course Fee
InfoComm Members: $99
Applicable EduBucks: $99
Nonmembers: $150

Suggested Study
None. If you are brand-new to the industry, InfoComm Academy’s Quick Start to the Audiovisual Industry provides a more thorough introduction to roles in the audiovisual industry and the most basic introduction to technology concepts.