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Design School 1: The Principles of Applied AV Design

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Design School Level 1: The Principles of Applied AV Design is the second of four courses in the InfoComm Academy� Design School. This three-day classroom course explores the principles of design for proper visual display systems, audio systems and control systems with hands-on opportunities to apply what is learned.

Audiovisual design to deliver a required outcome based on a client’s needs is an art and a science challenging those new to the field and those with many years of experience. In all instances, proper design requires adherence to certain principles. This course explores the principles necessary to design proper visual display systems, audio systems and control systems. Hands-on opportunities to reinforce what is learned in a variety of applications are provided.

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Design School courses are valuable for anyone who works in or has the responsibility for the design of audiovisual facilities, including systems sales professionals, designers, engineers, senior designers, senior engineers, project managers and technology managers.

Course Content
Overview of the design process from start to completion

  • Scope of the design process: Where does it start? Where does it end?
  • Roles and responsibilities of all parties involved
  • Project management
  • How the puzzle pieces fit together — what do we mean by facilities design and systems design?
  • World of codes and regulations

Principles of visual display system design

  • Overview of vision, light and perception and the pertinent attributes for human ergonomics for sight
  • What do we mean by viewability?
  • Determine the appropriate projector based on brightness output, options, orientation, resolution capability
  • Determine image size and required screen type

Principles of audio system design

  • Overview of how the human perceives sound and the pertinent attributes for human ergonomics for sound
  • Dynamics of sound
  • Acoustics - the impact of the environment on sound
  • Identify required audio coverage and system type
  • Determine loudspeaker placement
  • Determine required and potential gain of an audio system in presentation applications
  • Develop speech (voice) reinforcement systems and audio (sound) reproduction systems
  • Determine type of audio sources
  • Design a distributed audio system
  • Determine type, quantity and location of microphones

Principles of control system design

  • Overview of what a control system is
  • Draw control panel diagrams
  • Verify quality and integrity of systems design
  • Select the control interface type

InfoComm Members: $995
Applicable EduBucks: $248.75
Nonmembers: $1,495

Suggested Study
It is strongly recommended that students complete courses in the following sequence: either The Essentials of the AV Industry online course or the AV from A-Z for Sales Professionals online course, and/or have a general CTS designation, followed by Design School OnLine and Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Time Commitment
Each classroom course is three days long, eight hours per day, plus three hours of evening work. Students should be prepared to work in the evenings of the first two days of class when attending these courses.

CTS Renewal Units
This course provides 24 renewal units (RUs) toward     
InfoComm Certification renewal.