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Oct 23, 2007 - Oct 25, 2007

Certification Prep and CTS� Exam
23-25 October 2007 | Dubai Media City, UAE

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Over 6,000 AV professionals have their CTS� designations. Get ready to join them!

Certification Prep, a three-day classroom course, prepares you for the general Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) exam. If you prefer to learn in a classroom environment, this is an opportunity to work with an instructor and participate in exercises that clarify key concepts provided in InfoComm's Essentials of the AV Industry online course.

Course Content
The goal of the course is to educate professionals in the science and technology behind AV systems and help them achieve certification. If you know how and why things work, you can apply this knowledge to new technologies and applications as they develop, and additionally solve problems and meet your clients' needs.

The course is divided into three sections:

  • The Essentials of Audio
    Follow the audio path from sound waves and how we hear, to acoustics and what we hear, to the audio signal and electronic processing, then finally to the listener and effective communication of a desired message.
  • The Essentials of Visual
    Follow the visual path from the dynamics of light, to visual display components, to display technologies and the signals used, then finally to the viewing environment and display system setup.
  • The Essentials of Systems
    Learn about types of AV systems, typical subsystems and primary functions and components.

Members: $700
Non-members: $1,050
Applicable EduBucks: $245

The Certification Prep Course & CTS Exam are sold as a package in this offer and may not be purchased separately. Registration fee includes the course and one (1) attempt at the written CTS exam provided at the end of class. EduBucks redemption is limited to a maximum of 25% of the educational portion of the package. EduBucks may not be used to pay for the CTS exam.

The Instructors
InfoComm instructors have years of industry experience, a thorough knowledge of InfoComm’s courses and certification exams, and many hours in the classroom training AV professionals like you. Our instructors take time to answer your questions and provide you with the tools you need to be successful.

Suggested Study
None. If you are brand-new to the industry, InfoComm Academy's Quick Start to the Audiovisual Industry provides a more thorough introduction to roles in the audiovisual industry and the most basic introduction to technology concepts. If you need more repetition to help you learn and are using this course to prepare for the CTS exam, completion of InfoComm Academy's Essentials of the AV Industry online prior to attending is another tool to help reinforce your classroom learning.

Registration, enquiries, or to determine your company's EduBucks, please contact:
Jonathan Seller, CTS
InfoComm International Middle East & Africa
Phone: +61 2 8206 0979
Fax: +61 2 9383 8550

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