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Want to be an OnDemand presenter?

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What is OnDemand?
InfoComm Academy is pleased to announce a new way for the industry to learn - OnDemand.  Thanks to the generous support of Sonic Foundry, InfoComm International uses its Mediasite Live™system to capture professional development training sessions and make them available online. If you would like to see a sample OnDemand session check out: Improving AV Project Flow by Jim Maltese, CTS-D, CTS-I.
How do I present OnDemand?
Mediasite Live™ integrates your PowerPoint slides with a video of your presentation. You deliver your presentation in the same tone and style as a classroom course - no script or formality needed. Choose a 15 - 45 minute section of your InfoComm presentation that can serve as a stand-alone lesson. 
If you would like to become an OnDemand presenter, email Amanda Collett at  with the following:
1.      Presentation title
2.      Estimated duration (10-40 minutes recommended)
3.      Dates and times that fit your InfoComm schedule (June 19-20, 8am-5pm)
Amanda will contact you with the location of the OnDemand studio, presentation tips, and confirmation of your recording session time.