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Hotel & Travel Arrangements

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All housing requests are due by April 13, 2007.
All travel arrangements must be made by May 1, 2007.

InfoComm International anticipates that if you are going to InfoComm 2007 with your company, your company will assume your travel costs and hotel accommodations. 

If you are attending InfoComm 2007 as a presenter only, you may request assistance from InfoComm International with your travel expenses and approved hotel accommodations. 

Hotel Accommodations
If you would like to make housing arrangements through InfoComm International please complete the Presenter Housing Request and do not register for housing online.

Accommodation Reimbursement
You will receive 1 night for every day of teaching.  If your stay goes beyond the needs of the association, InfoComm International can make those arrangements for you, but you will be responsible for the extra hotel room charges.  Please note that InfoComm International is unable to make reimbursements if you wish to stay at an alternate hotel.  If you have any doubt about which night(s) InfoComm International is paying for, please contact Bill Thomas at 800.659.7469 or 703.273.7200 ext. 3130 or via email before incurring the expense. InfoComm International will not pay the accommodation cost(s) for your staff or family.

Travel Reservations
In order to receive reimbursement for travel you must use the InfoComm International officially designated travel service. Total Travel can be reached at 800.245.8092 or 918.492.3980, please ask to speak with Rob Allison.  They have been instructed to quote you the lowest possible fare. Please refer to account number 3.226.5350 when making your reservations and your airfare will automatically be billed to InfoComm International. If you are unable to use Total Travel please contact Bill Thomas at 800.659.7469 or 703.273.7200 ext. 3130 or via email for a waiver. In all instances, if you feel the fare quoted is too high contact InfoComm International immediately.

Travel Reimbursement
InfoComm International will pay for round trip fares from your point of origin to Anaheim, California only. For those who make special airline or routing request that result in fares higher than the lowest fare, Total Travel may book them with the your credit card. You would then request reimbursement from InfoComm International for the lowest possible fare quoted by Total Travel.  Fees related to changes in travel plans not initiated by InfoComm International will be your responsibility. Only travel arrangements made prior to May 1, 2007 will be paid by InfoComm International. Your cooperation is appreciated.

International Travelers
InfoComm International will reimburse the airfare of all International presenters from their point of origin into the United States to Anaheim.

Ground Transportation
InfoComm International will pay any reasonable expenses related to ground transportation to and from the airport of origin as well as your arrival and departure from the presenter hotel.  All reimbursements must be accompanied by receipts.

Personal Auto
If you drive to Anaheim, InfoComm International will reimburse you at a rate of $0.445 per mile, plus parking fees. In no case will you be reimbursed for more than the equivalent amount of airfare.

The following are NOT reimbursable by InfoComm International

  • Phone calls
  • In-room movies
  • Meals
  • Rental of in-room equipment
  • Laundry service
  • Room service
  • Rental cars
  • Travel to third city

Travel to a third city refers to a situation in which you come to a destination for InfoComm International business and then continue to another city for your own business.  Example:  Travel from Chicago to Anaheim for InfoComm 2007 and then on to San Francisco for your business.  The cost of traveling from Chicago to Anaheim ONLY will be paid by InfoComm International.

Substantiation of Expenses
All expenses incurred for reimbursement MUST be substantiated. Substantiation, including copies of all receipts and bills, must accompany your request to InfoComm International for reimbursement. InfoComm International is unable to make reimbursement for unsubstantiated expenses.

Reporting Requirements
Reimbursements must be requested within 10 days of the expense.