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Contract and Licensed Training at Your Facility
New Employee Orientation Checklist
Aiming for the CAVSP Company Certification
Career Site - Job Posting
Employee Development Planning
Giving Away Your EduBucks Coupons
BusinessKit CD

Contract and Licensed Training at Your Facility
With contract training, InfoComm sends qualified expert instructors to your location to train your staff. With Licensed Training, InfoComm licenses YOUR instructors who teach InfoComm curriculum to your staff. InfoComm provides the materials and trains your trainer to use them. For those seeking CTS certification, InfoComm administers the test. For information on these options, contact

New Employee Orientation Checklist
InfoComm International provides a New Staff Orientation Supervisors Checklist that can be customized to your company’s policies, environment and office culture. This useful, practical tool covers everything from explaining procedures to ordering business cards to reviewing financial forms such as expense reports and purchase authorization forms.

Aiming for the CAVSP Company Certification
For more than 30 years, InfoComm has offered its certification programs, designed to establish and maintain widespread credibility for the AV industry and the professionals who perform the work.

As a company, you can obtain a company level credential, the Certified AudioVisual Solutions Provider (CAVSP). This certification provides recognition that your company aims to maintain a level of professionalism and expertise through professional development, training and continuously updated certification for your employees.

From a marketing perspective, AV companies can use their CAVSP status to promote themselves in bids, in advertising, on their business cards, on their trucks and offices, and on their uniforms. Just as with any other profession, customers are looking for a way to measure those they hire - in the AV world, the CTS and CAVSP standards provide credibility and recognition. Find out more in CAVSP FAQs and by contacting

Career Site - Job Posting
InfoComm International offers an AV-specific Career Site online at InfoComm makes it easy by offering a variety of pricing plans that you can choose based on your volume.

Employee Development Planning
InfoComm counselors are standing by to advise you on ways to strengthen your marketability as a company through staff development. Everyone in your organization who's on the front lines of service to the customer, including sales staff, receptionists, customer service professionals, designers, engineers and installers, can be part of a comprehensive plan to boost your company through professional development and certification.

Giving Away Your EduBucks Coupons
InfoComm Interntional members can use their EduBucks to purchase coupons worth $100 and redeemable for one free online course. These coupons may be given to both members and non-members of InfoComm for redemption. Coupons are good for one (1) online class and valid for one year from date of issue. To purchase coupons with your available EduBucks, contact the Membership Department at Coupons are printed and mailed via USPS. Once coupons are purchased, they cannot be returned. To redeem coupons, coupon holders should contact the InfoComm staff by phone at 1.800.659.7469 or 1.703.273.7200.


The InfoComm BusinessKit CD
Here is the resource you've always needed! For members only, the FREE InfoComm BusinessKit CD is chock-a-block full of business tools and resources, including HR software for AV managers, templates for presentations to clients, agreements and forms, white papers, member logos, and information on local and national government relations issues. This valuable reference gives you an edge as you navigate the increasingly complex pro-AV environment.
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