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Videoconference: Technology, Applications and Trends
Videoconferencing continues to be a central component of communication tools for business, government and education. Now that end-users are reaching beyond a simple talking head, and during this complex and dramatic evolution from Circuit Switched to Packet Switched networks, it is critical that both Network and AV professionals understand the full array of issues related to successful deployment of video communication across the enterprise.
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All About Audio
This is a bridge course between design and installation to help refine and focus both systems designers and installers in the factors audio systems bring into an AV installation.
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Certification Renewal Units
InfoComm's Continuing Education courses earn Renewal Units (RUs) toward certification renewal. To maintain the integrity and value of certification in a fast-changing industry, General Certification (CTS) and Specialized Certification must be renewed every three years through continuing education. This is the normal and preferred method to renew certification.
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