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Design Track

For those seeking to advance their careers as AV systems designers or independent design consultants, InfoComm Academy training is the only available program.

Design School consists of four courses - an online course, followed by three in-person courses, each of which is three days long.

There is also an InfoComm Certification for Design (CTS-D) test that can be taken at any time, although it is recommended that students prepare through the Design School.

Design School OnLine
The first of four courses in the InfoComm Academy Design School contains more than 300 lessons introducing the core concepts of audiovisual systems design.
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Design School 1: The Principles of Applied AV Design
The second of four courses in the InfoComm Academy Design School. This three-day classroom course explores the principles of design for proper visual display systems, audio systems and control systems with hands-on opportunities to apply what is learned.
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Design School 2: Facilities Design
This course focuses on the environment, ergonomics and infrastructure of the presentation space. Level 1 teaches how to pick the right components; Level 2 teaches how to put the components correctly in the space; and Level 3 teaches you to make sure everything works together
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Design School 3: Systems Design
The fourth of four courses in the InfoComm Academy Design School. This course focuses on how to analyze, select and plan for seamless equipment interoperation to deliver a desired outcome.
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