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Can I skip getting a CTS and go directly to the CTS-D or CTS-I test?
No. Applicants must have a valid CTS plus two years' industry experience in order to apply for and take a specialized certification test.

What is the test like?
The test consists of three separate elements: a written test, an oral test and a practical test. The testing process begins in the evening, when the written test is handed out; the following day is used for the oral and practical tests. Candidates will be notified as to when they must turn in the written test and begin the oral and practical test. Testing shall conclude by 6 p.m. of the second day. A passing score of 80 percent is required on each test.

Who developed the test?
InfoComm has offered the CTS-D since 1998. Since that time, it has been continuously refined.  In the past two years, content has been revalidated against an outside job/task analysis performed by VTECS. Test questions and grading methods have been reviewed by a psychometrician, an expert in test design and fairness. In December 2004, the two-day exam was reduced to a one-day exam to make it easier for employers to send employees for the exam. Throughout these changes, subject matter experts and InfoComm's Professional Education and Training Committee (PETC) certification subcommittee and steering committee have been involved in test question review.

Who grades the test?
The written test is multiple choice and graded by scanning technology.
The oral and practical tests are graded by qualified examiners who have been trained in the grading rubrics and reviewed by the certification administrator.

What if I disagree with the grading?
There is an appeals process that is provided to you prior to taking the exam. (top)

Do I have to come to Fairfax, Va. to take the test?
All tests for specialized certifications are normally offered at the InfoComm Academy� located in Fairfax, Va., but may be offered at other locations. Whenever possible, accommodations are made to help people who have failed a specific section of the test to retest that section at a location convenient for them under the supervision of a proctor established by InfoComm. (top)

Do I have to take InfoComm training to prepare for the test?
No, this is not required. It is, however, recommended.

CTS-Design test questions are based on the "best practices" that are taught in InfoComm's Design OnlineDesign Level 1: Principles of Applied AV DesignDesign Level 2: Facilities Design, and Design Level 3: Systems Design courses. (If unsure what is covered, see Design Track for objectives for each course.) You can also get detailed information about what is tested. CTS-D testing is usually scheduled at the end of Design School Level 3 but may also be offered independently at the InfoComm Exhibition or other times.

CTS-Installation test questions are based on the "best practices" that are taught in InfoComm's Installation School Online,  Installation School Level 1: Installation Technician  and  Installation School Level 2: Lead Installation Technician. (If unsure what is covered, see Installation Track for objectives for each course.)  You can also get detailed information about what is tested. CTS-I testing is scheduled at the end of Installation School Level 2. (top)

Where and when do I take the specialized certification test?
All tests for specialized certifications are normally offered at the InfoComm Academy� located in Fairfax, Va., but may be offered at other locations. See the Education Calendar for scheduled dates. (top)

How do I register for a specialized certification test?
All candidates for a specialized certification must submit the Specialized Certification Application Form (PDF) and be approved prior to registering for the testing. Candidates should complete and submit the specialized CTS testing application ideally at least 3 months prior to testing dates. The registration fee is $590, payable by credit card or check. (top)

If I fail one or more sections of the specialized exam, may I retest for those sections?  How?
Specialized certifications consist of three components:  written, oral, and practical.   Those who do not pass a section or sections of the specialized CTS-Design or CTS-Installation exams may arrange to retest on one or more of these sections.  Please contact Lou Nanni, InfoComm Director of Certification and Workforce Development, for more information. The charge for a retest is $295. EduBucks may not be used for certification testing. (top)

How long is the specialized certification credential valid?
Three years. To renew your CTS-D or CTS-I, you must take 30 renewal units (RUs) within the three-year period. There is a wide range of available courses, including InfoComm Academy online and classroom courses, Institute courses, InfoComm seminars and workshops, approved manufacturer, private vendor and association courses, and postsecondary education (see lists of InfoComm International Renewal Units and Approved Manufacturer and Private Vendor Training). If you take a course and want to have it included on this list, please ask the organization providing the course to contact contact the InfoComm Director of Certification and Workforce Development, to see if it meets the criteria. This has proven to be the most effective way to add courses for renewal units. Instructors for InfoComm can also earn renewal units for preparation and delivery of courses. (top)

Does InfoComm remind me of my credential expiration date?
If your contact information is current in the association's database, you will receive notice of the expiration date approximately three to six months prior to that date. If unsure, please contact us and we will be happy to look up this information for you and correct any indicative information. (top)

Does InfoComm keep track of the courses I have taken?
No. InfoComm is not responsible for keeping track of your courses. We do, however, now have records of InfoComm courses, including seminars and workshops under the InfoComm Academy banner at the InfoComm Exhibitions, and will make every effort to help you list these sessions. It is not necessary for individuals to submit education documentation to support the training being claimed. Individuals should maintain appropriate education documentation as a routine matter. Individuals may be randomly audited; those audited will need to submit documentation to support the units cited. When documentation cannot support the units claimed, their certification shall not be renewed. (top)