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CTS Credential Definitions

Facts about InfoComm CTS certification program:

  • Recognized by the National Certification Commission
  • Approved by the Veterans Administration for reimbursement for veterans under the current GI Bill
  • Undergoing ANSI-ISO 17024 accreditation process
  • Nearly 7,000 individuals certified
  • In existence more tha 30 years

The first level, the General Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) test, is offered online. A CTS holder may advance to testing in Design (to achieve the CTS-D) and Installation (to achieve the CTS-I).

In addition to successfully taking any InfoComm certification exam, one must also agree to a Code of Ethics pledging truth, accuracy, and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of one's profession as well as the Honor Code. Download the Code of Ethics and Honor Code (PDF) here.

Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) -- For audiovisual professionals who have demonstrated knowledge and comprehension of the science and technology used in communications including audio, video, display and systems. By demonstrating they know how things work, a CTS is able to apply these fundamentals to new technologies and applications as they develop.

Certified Technology Specialist-Design (CTS-D) -- For audiovisual systems design professionals who have earned this specialized certification by demonstrating detailed knowledge of how to analyze, select and plan seamless audiovisual communications equipment interoperation. This knowledge is demonstrated by producing complete specifications and drawings that deliver a desired outcome to meet a client's needs. A minimum of two years' industry experience accompanies the theoretical and practical competencies.

Certified Technology Specialist-Installation (CTS-I) -- For audiovisual installation professionals who have earned this specialized certification by demonstrating skills and knowledge through a rigorous regimen of testing in a broad array of installation practices and techniques. A CTS-I is proficient in installing all components of a professional/commercial AV system. A CTS-I takes on additional responsibility for projects to ensure quality, efficiency and safety on the job site.

InfoComm’s Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) at all levels of certification have demonstrated audiovisual technology knowledge and/or skills. Certified individuals adhere to a Code of Ethics and maintain their status through continued education. Certification is not a guarantee for performance by certified individuals. Certification demonstrates commitment to professional growth in the audiovisual industry and is strongly supported by InfoComm.