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ANSI / ISO / IEC 17024 — Certification Update

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Updating You on the Status of InfoComm ANSI / ISO / IEC Personal Certification Accreditation

As you may know, InfoComm is currently seeking ANSI / ISO / IEC 17024 personal certification accreditation. As the only certification program in the industry to be ANSI accredited, this move will give CTS holders and their companies an edge up on competitors from other industries and in our industry that do not train and certify their personnel to these high national and international standards. Find out the latest on this process by visiting this page regularly.

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Certification Updates

October 2007

Important Dates
    Last Day for General CTS Online Exam
Anticipated Date of Release for Candidate Handbooks 
    First Day You May Apply for the New General CTS Exam
    First Day You May Apply for New CTS-I Exam
    CTS-D Exam Schedule
Tips for an Individual Preparing for the New CTS and CTS-I Exams


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August 2007

New Exam Process Update
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July 2007

InfoComm 2007 Anaheim
ANSI Administered ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditation Process Update
Your CTS Renewal Unit Transcript is Available to You Online
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Candidate Handbooks
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May 2007

More than 6,500 AV Professionals Earn InfoComm's Certification


April 2007

InfoComm Announces Certified Professional Directory
Achieve Certification Renewal Units Without Leaving Home
Lou Nanni Announces Retirement April 30, 2007
CTS Item Writers Hard at Work in Fairfax
Volunteers Needed for Certification Subcommittees


March 2007

Seeking CTS and CTS-I Volunteers for ANSI / ISO / IEC 17024


January 2007

InfoComm Selects Two Vendors for Certification Program


Dec. 2006

New InfoComm Certification Committee is formed
InfoComm completes two DACUM and Job Task Analyses


Oct. 2006

InfoComm Seeks ANSI / ISO / IEC 17024 Personal Certification Accreditation

October 2007

Important Dates

Last Day for General CTS Online Exam:
   November 30, 2007, 12:00 Midnight US EST.
Important note: Although registration will be allowed until the date the online test is removed, if you enroll between November 1 and November 30 you will NOT have 30 days to take/retake the exam three times, only the days remaining until November 30.

Anticipated Date of Release for Candidate Handbooks for the New Exams: 
November 15, 2007
An updated version of the InfoComm Certification webpages will be released on November 15, 2007. It will include downloadable candidate handbooks, application forms and new information. Watch for a special edition newsletter in November with further details!

First Day You May Apply for the New General CTS Exam: 
November 15, 2007, using a PDF printed application
    December 1, 2007, for the online application
Online applications for the general CTS will be available for electronic completion and submission effective December 1, 2007. However, the print (PDF) applications to mail or fax will be available from the new certification webpage and in the Candidate Handbooks to be released November 15, 2007. Once eligibility is approved, appointments at the Prometric testing facility near you can be made with the first testing center appointment availability December 1, 2007. Please allow a few weeks for Prometric to fit you in the schedule. 

First Day You May Apply for New CTS-I Exam:
    Submit PDF application with eligibility requirements starting November 15, 2007

The CTS-I exam application includes fulfillment of eligibility requirements clearly outlined in the application. You may begin submitting applications for eligibility review by mail or fax as of November 15, 2007—with the first testing center appointment availability December 1, 2007. Please allow a few weeks for Prometric to fit you in the schedule. 

CTS-D Exam Schedule: Current Exam

November 14, 2007 Bangkok, Thailand
December 8, 2007 Fairfax, VA
March 1, 2008 Fairfax, VA

Watch for an announcement of additional sessions scheduled in February and March 2008 in locations around the world.

CTS-D Exam Schedule: New Exam
   Tentative Start Date: May 2008  

Tips for an Individual Preparing for the New CTS and CTS-I Exams

In the last newsletter, changes in how an individual needs to prepare for the new exams included:

  1. Perform a self-assessment
  2. Review exam topics
  3. Determine task difficulty level
  4. Determine your own learning style

Since applicants may possess a variety of experiences within the industry, this self-assessment is critical to determine resources to help prepare for the exam. In the past, many candidates relied exclusively on InfoComm Academy training materials to provide the majority of what they needed to study to prepare for the exams. The ANSI-administered ISO/IEC 17024 guidelines are very clear about ensuring that the organization providing the exams not be allowed to "teach to the test." No single source will cover the breadth of exam content. This means that, although InfoComm’s educational programs, online courses and books will continue to be excellent training materials, they represent only one avenue of many resources available to help candidates prepare for the new exams. Candidates are encouraged to utilize all reference manuals, manufacturer training programs, community college courses, other associations, and professional training organizations that may help prepare for all or part of the topics provided in the exam outline. An up-to-date list of suggested references will be continuously provided in the Candidate Handbooks and on the upcoming revised certification webpage.

InfoComm and the Certification Committee continue to make great strides towards achieving the ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation as administered by ANSI as enhancements are continuously made in the development, recognition and resulting value of the CTS credentials. We want individuals and companies to be prepared for these exciting changes and reap the many benefits of these efforts.