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InfoComm Certification FAQ Sheet


ANSI — American National Standards Institute
ISO —International Organization of Standardization
IEC —International Electrotechnical Commission

1. At what stage is InfoComm regarding the ANSI Administered ISO/IEC 17024 Personnel Standard Accreditation Process?
The Letter of Intent from InfoComm to ANSI for the CTS and CTS-I exams has officially been accepted. This formally begins the application and review process leading to the ISO/IEC 17024 Personnel Certification Accreditation, which is administered in the United States by ANSI.

Subject matter experts who have been trained in item writing continue to volunteer and write exam questions. These are then analyzed by subject matter experts as well as test development experts for the new exams.

Candidate handbooks and supporting materials are being finalized. These provide applicants and stakeholders with complete details of the process including what job-related areas are tested in the exam, primary references, suggested preparation, glossary, how to apply, sample questions and more.

2. Will these changes affect my current CTS credential?
No. There are no changes for current CTS holders.

3. How will the new exams be different?
Once approved, the new computer-based exams will be offered in approximately 400 secure professional testing centers on an appointment basis. Find your closest testing center at

The exams are multiple choice and relevant to practical job task applications vs. routine recall and memorization-type questions

The new exams are based on a validated, defensible process that is now recognized worldwide through the ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation standard, as administered in the United States by ANSI.

Candidates will be able to use the exam content outline for CTS and CTS-I available online at to see specifically what job task areas are covered by the exam

Eligibility for the CTS-I includes specific skill and experience verification prerequisites

The CTS Professional Code of Ethics is now incorporated into the application form

4. What are the benefits of obtaining the ANSI Administered ISO/IEC 17024 Personnel Standard Accreditation?

  • CTS holders and their companies have a greater competitive edge
  • Wider recognition of the CTS within the United States and internationally
  • A proven, credible, defensible, fair, and competency-based exam that will now be validated by a highly regarded and recognized third-party international accreditation body

5. How do I prepare for the exam?

  • Review or print the free online candidate handbook for CTS and/or CTS-I coming in October 2007 at
  • Find additional tools to study such as the Exam Content Outline, suggested primary references, sample questions and glossary for CTS and CTS-I online at the candidate handbooks coming in October 2007 at

6. When will the changes to the new exams take place?

  • CTS and CTS-I exams are anticipated being available in the testing centers early December of 2007
  • CTS-D exams are expected to follow in early 2008

7. How are these changes going to affect the InfoComm CAVSP program?
The individual CTS credentials will now have even more value and credibility in the United States and internationally

8. How can someone verify my CTS status?
A Certified Professional Directory of CTS holders is available online at As a CTS holder you can check your own information, while others can verify an individual's CTS status.

9. Is there an easy way I can check my InfoComm renewal units?
Yes! Use the InfoComm online tool that lists any continuing education event registered through InfoComm (online courses, classroom courses, InfoComm programs) and the corresponding renewal units. See this tool at

10. How can I find out how many current CTS holders my company has?
InfoComm member companies are listed on the InfoComm website; the listing now includes the number of current CTS holders working for that company, by category. To find your company listing, visit

11. How can I find out more?

  • Free candidate handbooks will be available online in October 2007 at
  • Visit the testing center site at
  • E-mail the certification office at
  • Call the certification office at 1.703.273.7200 or 1.800.659.7469