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NEW -- USAV Group Adopts InfoComm� Installation Standards
All USAV companies will be required to train installation staff using standards from InfoComm's AV Installation Handbook.

Test your knowledge of the industry’s AV installation practices!  A great complement to the AV Installation Training Library, these tests may be used as pre-assessments to determine training needs or as a post-assessment to measure training success.

Want a peek at the AV Installation Handbook contents? See the downloadable PDF of the Handbook's Table of Contents.

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Safety First

InfoComm International emphasizes the importance of using the safest installation methods possible. However, InfoComm International does not warrant the safety or efficacy of any procedures, methods or practices contained herein.

This information is general in nature and intended for training purposes only. Actual performances of activities described in this material require compliance with all applicable operations procedures under the direction of qualified personnel. Fully adhere to national, regional and local safety regulations. References in this material to patented or proprietary devices do not constitute a recommendation for their use.