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FAQs: CTS Testing

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The General Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Test is Mac� and Netscape compatible and requires the following:
  • Windows� 98 or higher with Pentium 200MHz (or faster) processor or Mac PowerPC with OS 8 or greater
  • 32MB (or more) RAM
  • Video card set to display in thousands of colors at 800x600 (or greater) resolution
  • Microsoft� Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater connection to the Internet through an Internet Service provider (ISP) or any other means where you can use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser. It is also Netscape compatible.
  • Speakers, SVGA monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Flash plug-in from Macromedia

I am interested in signing up to take the CTS test, but I am not sure if I am ready.
Please take a moment to review the CTS sample questions (Adobe� PDF) found on our website. You may also wish to speak with a Training Counselor by calling 800.659.7469 or 703.273.7200 or email

I'm having trouble logging in or getting access to my test.

  • I lost my connection to my Internet Service Provider (ISP), and when I tried to log back into my test, I was not allowed access.
    If you lose, or think you have lost, the connection to your ISP while taking the test, please do not close the browser you are using. Reestablish the connection and continue the test. If you cannot successfully continue the test, please contact InfoComm (800.659.7469 x 3560) as soon as possible. Closing the browser or logging back in will close your testing session and will count towards one of your three attempts.
  • I tried to take the test and I received a message that I have already taken the test three times. I do not think that I have taken the test three times.
    Please email or call 800.659.7469, ext. 3560 to verify if you have used your allotted tries to take the test. Your system may have timed out when you tried to log in, causing the pop-up message.
  • I tried to log in to the test several times and received a pop-up that said I have used all tries to complete the test. What happened?
    First, do you have the cookies disabled on your computer? Cookies are used to store a positive ID of the student within the browser - a common practice throughout the Internet. If you are able to login, but for some reason cookies are not being stored in your browser, the system will immediately kick you out and cause the pop-up.
  • Internet Explorer -- Please check to see if your cookies are enabled:
    a) At the top of your browser (Internet Explorer) select Tools
    b) Scroll down and select Internet Options and then select Privacy from the options.
    c) Select Advanced, which is beside Import.
    d) Select Override Automatic Cookie Handling, and then select Accept Set for First-Party Cookies.}
  • Netscape -- Please check to see if your cookies are enabled:
    a) Select Preferences from the Edit menu.
    b) Click Advanced in the Category portion of the window.
    c) Under the Cookies area, click either Accept all cookies, or Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server.
    d) Click OK

I passed my CTS exam a few days ago, but I have not received my certificate.
In addition to receiving an 80% or higher passing grade, participants must agree in writing to a Code of Professional Ethics and Honor Code pledge. These two documents are available on the InfoComm Certification pages with instructions that you will need to follow in order to complete the process. If you have met the requirements, please allow two weeks for processing and 5-7 days for delivery. You will receive by mail the certificate, cover letter declaring your CTS status, the CTS pin and receipt of payment. If you have additional questions regarding the certification process, please contact

How many renewal units do I need to maintain my CTS?
You must accumulate 30 Renewal Units (RUs) within the three year period your CTS is valid.  Please call 800.659.7469 and ask for the Director of Certification and Workforce Development at ext. 3210. (more)

What are the basic requirements to obtain a Specialized CTS?
There are two absolute prerequisites for taking any of our Specialized CTS tests: You must have two years of industry experience and a valid general CTS designation. Please call 800.659.7469 and ask to speak with a Training Counselor for further course recommendations.