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Important Login Information

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Important Information about the InfoComm International� General Certification Test for the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Designation

The link to login is at the bottom of the page. Please read this important information before activating one of your three allowed logins.

Welcome to the general Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) test. You should have already received a special password from InfoComm so you can log in and take this test. If you have not yet obtained your special testing password, please contact InfoComm at 800.659.7469, 1.703.273.7200 or e-mail InfoComm at

This test consists of 100 questions presented in 10 pages of 10 questions each.

This is not an open book test. You may not use any materials or the assistance of another individual while taking this test.

Be sure you have allotted enough time to comfortably complete the test. You have a limit of 90 minutes to complete and to submit all of your answers. If you do not submit the last page of 10 questions prior to the 90 minute timeframe, answers to any or all of those last 10 questions are lost.

Important note: If you should lose, or think you have lost, your connection to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) while taking the test, please do not close the browser you are using to take the test. Continue working on the test and once you have finished the current page, SUBMIT it as you normally would. Your connection should be reestablished automatically, the page submitted, and you should be returned to the next page. If this does not happen, please contact InfoComm as soon as you can. Closing the browser or logging back in will close your testing session and will count towards one of your three allowed attempts.

If you have any questions, please contact InfoComm at

Thank you, and good luck!

Important Note:
Once you log in below and begin taking the test, it will be counted as one of your three allowed attempts, whether or not you complete the entire test.

Login and begin taking the test.