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Certification Renewal Units

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There are now new ways to earn Renewal Units! Based on the material in the new AV Installation Handbook, four new online tests help CTS and CTS-D certified professionals earn renewal units (RUs).  Since CTS-I professionals have already demonstrated mastery of these skills, RUs do not apply. Click here for details.

Renew every three years
To maintain the integrity and value of certification in a fast-changing industry, General Certification (CTS) and Specialized Certification must be renewed every three years through continuing education. This is the normal and preferred method to renew certification.

If your certification has expired, you may need to retest to become certified again:

  • General CTS is valid for three years; if it expired less than 12 months ago, you may renew using continuing education RU credit. Otherwise, you need to retest to become certified again.
  • Specialized CTS is valid for three years; if it expired less then two years (24 months) ago, you may renew using continuing education RU credit. Otherwise, you need to retest at the specialized level to become certified again. To retain a minimum level of certification, you will need to retest at the General CTS level.

A written appeal must be made to in order to request that continuing education RU credit be counted in lieu of testing. The appeal should cite extenuating circumstances as to why you were not able to use continuing education to renew certification in the prescribed time. Please ensure that you inform InfoComm International of any e-mail changes during this time. This is the only way the association can notify you of an upcoming expiration date.

30 renewal units
To recertify, 30 renewal units (RUs) must be accumulated during the three years certification is valid. This criterion applies to both the general CTS and specialized level certifications (CTS-I, CTS-D).

If your certification has expired, you may renew by submitting the renewal form and fee; however you may claim only those RUs earned within the three years preceding submission of the renewal form.

Sources for renewal units
There are numerous opportunities to obtain renewal units, including InfoComm Academy online and classroom courses, Institute for Professional Development (IPD) courses, InfoComm seminars and workshops, approved manufacturer, private vendor and association courses, and postsecondary education. Check the list of eligible courses and associated renewal units from InfoComm and approved manufacturer or private training
In addition to listed sources, specialized examiners receive 3RU for participating as an examiner. Instructors who teach for InfoComm receive 3RU to 1RU for each hour taught. If you serve on any InfoComm committee, you'll receive 3RU for your service per year.

For specialized advice and information on earning renewal units, contact Association members have special benefits relating to education that can save a business thousands of dollars when training employees.

It is not necessary to submit education documentation to support the training being claimed, although you should maintain appropriate education documentation. Individuals may be randomly audited; those audited will need to submit documentation to support the units cited. When documentation cannot support the units claimed, the certification shall not be renewed.

A non-refundable fee of $50.00 must accompany the renewal form. Renewal forms should be submitted prior to your certification expiration date. Because the InfoComm CTS program is an independent certification program, EduBucks discounts may not be used for certification testing or renewal.