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Hosa Technology Announces Astro-Grip Universal Hook & Loop Organizer

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SOURCE: Hosa Technology, Inc. � POSTED: 11/01/07

New design facilitates easier cable bundling with superior strength and durability

Buena Park, Calif. -- Hosa Technology, a leading innovator of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician and audio/video professional, is pleased to introduce the company’s latest solution to cable clutter and organization — Astro-Grip Universal Hook & Loop Organizer (WTI-501). As a low profile, back to back, hook and loop material featuring a host of benefits that make this product unique in its class, Astro-Grip is the perfect accessory to improve the appearance and performance of stage and studio setups alike.

Hosa's Astro-Grip is a continuous strap with hooks on one side and loops on the other. Measuring five yards long by .75" wide and marked every three inches for ease of measuring, it is the perfect solution for a wide range of music, audio, and video applications. Now, musicians and others have a fast, effortless means of organizing the seemingly endless amount of cables that interconnect the various components of their music and A/V systems. The strong nylon material is environmentally friendly, enabling one to cut a strip to the desired length for the job at hand — reducing waste in the process. Musicians can use short lengths to tie cables to keyboards or microphone stands, instantly tidying up their setup’s appearance. Similarly, longer lengths can be cut to help store speaker cables and stage snakes when not in use. With literally dozens of potential uses, Hosa's Astro-Grip is also ideal for a wide range of household applications.

When bundling groups of cables, conventional center-pass hook and loop organizers typically require passing the cable end through an opening slot — forcing one to disconnect the cable from its connection point and increasing the chance of accidentally re-connecting the plug into an incorrect destination. By contrast, the new Astro-Grip offers the convenience of a center cable pass-through but does not require the cable to be pulled through. This innovative cable tie is easily cinched down at any point along the cable by simply releasing the hook and loop piece on the top of the cable. It can also be wrapped around a single cable and then used to bundle the cable together after it is wound.
Astro-Grip’s extremely flexible and thin (0.39 mm) material is remarkably strong. The organizer holds tight and releases with just a simple tug to make control and storage of audio and video cables quick and easy. Additionally, it replaces traditional tape in a variety of professional and consumer applications and leaves no residue when removed. Best of all, with a life cycle of over 5,000 uses, these re-useable ties provide years of invaluable service.

Jonathan Pusey, Hosa Technology’s National Marketing Manager, commented on the company’s new Astro-Grip Universal Hook & Loop Organizer. “Astro-Grip is an invaluable accessory that is easy to use, incredibly robust, and can dramatically improve the performance of any stage or studio system by isolating incompatible types of signals/cables from one another. The rugged, nylon strap never leaves marks on equipment and it dramatically simplifies cable bundling by virtue of the fact that cables need not be disconnected in order to be attached to Astro-Grip. I’m convinced this new cable organizing material will find an almost infinite number of uses among musicians and A/V professionals alike.”

Hosa's Astro-Grip Universal Hook & Loop Organizer carries a MSRP of $13.75 for a 5-yard roll. Astro-Grip Universal Hook & Loop Organizer is available now.

About Hosa Technology

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