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Revolabs Wireless Provides a Life Changing Experience

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SOURCE: Revolabs, Inc. � POSTED: 10/11/07

Solo™Executive wireless system used for assisted listening

CHICAGO -- While Revolabs’ Solo Executive wireless microphone systems are rapidly finding their way into more and more conference centers, presentation facilities, and corporate boardrooms, it’s not every day that a product of this nature can, literally, change a person’s life. But that’s exactly the case with Paul M. Lurie, a partner at the Chicago office of Schiff Hardin LLP. Lurie practices in the area of construction law where he is often an arbitrator or mediator in large complex cases. With his recent acquisition and use of a Revolabs’ Solo Executive wireless microphone system, his ability to hear has improved dramatically.

Lurie has a hearing disability and received a cochlear implant (a highly sophisticated hearing aid), but he still has problems hearing in large, noisy rooms. According to Randy S. Tritz, CTS-D, Managing Partner for the Chicago branch of Shen Milsom & Wilke, Inc., a leading technology and acoustical consulting firm, the journey that lead Lurie to the Revolabs system was a long and arduous one.

“Paul approached us several years back to help him with his hearing issues during depositions, conferences, and similar events that he was involved with,” said Tritz. “Since that time, we’ve assembled several portable systems for him, but this was an ongoing challenge due to the complexity of the equipment — not to mention the chore of moving it. The discovery of the Revolabs Solo Executive wireless system had a dramatic impact on Paul’s situation because of the flexibility the setup affords as well as its diminutive form factor. Now, the entire system — including a small audio mixer — fits into a briefcase, and it improves his ability to hear in almost any environment.”

Lurie’s Solo Executive system consists of a wireless lapel microphone plus a few wireless boundary microphones, all of which function in a monitoring capacity. Because they are wireless devices, Lurie can discreetly place the boundary microphones on tables throughout the room, and in conjunction with the lapel microphone that he wears, he is able to monitor both his own voice and those from the audience. These signals are brought into the Revolabs base station where they are fed to an audio mixer for level adjustment. From the mixer, signals are then fed back to the Revolabs base station and are subsequently broadcast to the wireless microphone’s earpiece output. Additionally, he has the option of feeding the monitor signal to another Revolabs wireless microphone with an earpiece worn by a remotely located court reporter for transcription purposes.

“The Revolabs wireless system facilitates Paul’s activities without a cumbersome amount of equipment,” says Tritz. “This system is easy for him to operate, it’s free from visual distractions, and the battery life is excellent. By simply plugging the mics into their charging base, keeping the system charged and ready to go is easy. These are significant benefits.”

Tritz was equally enthusiastic about Revolabs’ customer and technical support services. “We learned about Revolabs and we were very impressed with what we saw,” notes Tritz. “With Paul, we had this unique opportunity. Our client needed several small, discreet wireless microphones using a single receiver that could be easily transported. Revolabs’ technical support staff was very thorough and responsive throughout all of our inquiries, and this resulted in one extremely happy client.”

“I’ll never forget Paul’s reaction to the Revolabs system,” continued Tritz. “After his initial trial with the equipment, Paul responded with, ‘How does it feel to change a man's life?’ In my book, that says it all!”

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