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Scharff Weisberg Provides Sound System for Two Oprah Specials

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SOURCE: Scharff Weisberg � POSTED: 10/11/07

NEW YORK -- Oprah celebrated its fall season premiere in New York City where a sound system from Scharff Weisberg helped Oprah Winfrey commemorate the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks and appear with longtime supposed TV rival David Letterman (their non-feud was reconciled on the air two years ago).

Oprah airs live weekdays in Chicago with tape delays to stations nationwide, which run the syndicated show. The show with Letterman and guest Lisa Marie Presley was broadcast live to Winfrey's home town with tape delay for affiliates. Later the same day Winfrey taped the 9/11 telecast.  Both originated from a custom-built stage at the WaMu Theatre at Madison Square Garden.

Scharff Weisberg provided the house PA, front-of-house mix, all the intercom, wireless mics, in-ear monitors and IFBs for both shows.

“We’ve done a lot of TV, but this was a big venue — 5,000 people, the largest live audience Oprah has ever had,” said Director of Audio Services, David Lynd.  “Her set was built in front of the existing stage which meant the sound system had to move out into the room as well. Oprah was much closer to the audience, and we had to cover the audience with speakers from a position not normally used for the PA.  So we used Meyer M2D line arrays in combination with M1Ds which did a terrific job covering the bulk of the audience. Around the stage thrust we employed more of our Meyer inventory such as UPJs as a downfill and a combination of M1Ds and UPMs as front fills. Subs were a combination of Meyer 650s and 700HPs”.

Scharff Weisberg was tasked with “Getting good-quality sound throughout the theater,” noted Vice President Scott Schachter.  “Just getting all the wireless in one place is always challenging in New York City."

The company supplied 28 wireless Shure and Sennheiser mics plus 28 channels of wireless intercom.  In addition, Scharff Weisberg provided Meyer UPJs, UPMs and UM1Ps for the stage bridge; a PM1D front-of-house digital mixer; IFBs; and in-ear monitors.

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