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Pragmatic Increases Safety in Security and Public Service Jobs

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SOURCE: Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. � POSTED: 10/08/07

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Pragmatic Communication Systems, Inc., an industry innovator in wired and wireless systems since 1994, recently announced its newest product: the CopView™handheld wireless video system. The system boasts an impressive wireless video range and weighs only 3 pounds.

CopView is an ultra-compact, fully self-contained wireless video system composed of a miniature battery-powered camera with an integrated wireless video transmitter and a separate receiver for local broadcast of video information. The low light sensitive, high resolution camera is coupled with a high performance wireless video transmission system. Its ability to produce excellent image quality in difficult situations makes it ideal for covert operations without any extra IR flood light requirements. The camera is conveniently designed to be handheld with an ergonomic handle attached to the bottom.

CopView transmits video without any wire connections to the recording device, which can be located in a vehicle. The camera is easily turned on and off with a switch in the back. The transmission range between the camera and receiver is 1000 feet, allowing the user to roam freely in a large area.

The CopView system is ideal for professionals in the safety field including law enforcement, fire personnel, military, border patrol, coast guard, security, and many others. It can be mounted on a tripod in order to monitor chemical, biological or other hazardous situations from a distance of more than 1000 feet with a clear line of sight. In addition, it can be mounted on roving robots for applications in hostile environments. In law enforcement operations, CopView can be used to protect both officers and citizens by displaying clear images of the scene. The CopView system is an advancement over in-dashboard mounted video cameras, because it is easily portable and thus gives a closer view.

The self-contained camera lauds a battery life of two hours despite having no external connections. CopView eliminates the need for heavy battery packs to be worn on the belt because the battery is integrated within its design. It is the perfect instrument for recording traffic violations, security vigilance, remote video recording, and hazardous process viewing as well as a myriad of other uses.

About Pragmatic Communications Systems

Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based company established in 1994 to design, develop and produce a variety of innovative products for wireless audio, video and data communications. The majority of the company's products up until 1997 were designed for industrial and commercial applications, after which Pragmatic branched into the consumer market. The success of the older products led to a strong and dynamic technology base, which helps fulfill Pragmatic’s mission to create solutions to long unresolved technical problems with designs that are both compact and energy efficient. This belief has been applied to a new generation of Pragmatic products such as DMS, CATS, True Music™wireless hi-fi system, and True View™wireless video system.  For more information, visit