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InfoComm's collection of useful resources -- technical documents, marketing templates, member-driven projects and much more. 

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Get ready for EZip Format
The first industry-driven standard format for product data!

Manufacturers and dealers can now list their data uniformly and share it quickly and efficiently. The EZip Format streamlines data entry and makes it easy to transfer product and pricing information between various computer systems. (more)

More InfoComm Resources

EZip Format
The first industry-driven standard format for product data, which allows manufacturers and dealers to list their data uniformly and share it quickly and efficiently. Now it's EZ to transfer product and pricing information!
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Dashboard for Controls
A member-driven project whose aim is to make touch-screen design and programming user-friendly.
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White Papers
A rich collection of technical and business white papers compiled from contributions of the AV community. Submit your own!
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Rental and Staging White Papers
InfoComm Academy has developed white papers for industry review, discussion, and comment by Live Event audiovisual professionals. Contribute to the success of your industry -- we need your comments!
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Articles by Members
Useful and thoughtful articles from member volunteers drawing from their experience in the industry. Submit your own!
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An assortment of useful information covering technical subjects such as HD images on large LED screens and media streaming, to presentation power and avoiding AV emergencies. Submit your own!
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The InfoComm About AV Presentation
A PowerPoint� presentation for members to use for meetings with people unfamiliar with the breadth of the industry. The presentation gives you a way to deliver consistent messages about the AV industry as you reach out to various audiences. It can be delivered in its entirety in about 10 minutes
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Industry Links
Listed here are associations and trade publications related to the AV industry and for AV technology users, as well as important InfoComm International partners that increase value to the AV industry.
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Recommended AV Books
InfoComm International has compiled a list of publications from member recommendations to assist you in finding the most useful reference guides for your work in the audiovisual industry.
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Shoot-Out Software
NEW! Version 2.0 with high-def video! The world-famous Shoot-Out DVD and CD make up a high performance demonstration and evaluation software package that is a must buy to enhance the sale of video displays.
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