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The InfoComm About AV Presentation


Delivering a succinct message about AV
InfoComm International� has created a PowerPoint� presentation for staff and members to use for meetings with people unfamiliar with the breadth of the industry. The presentation gives you a way to deliver consistent messages about the AV industry as you reach out to various audiences. It can be delivered in its entirety in about 10 minutes.

The AV/Communications Industry
... A lot has changed since you were a kid!

The 29-slide presentation, Changing the Way the World Does Audiovisual, brings the viewer up to date on AV technology, the professionals who comprise the industry, and the many vertical market applications of AV.

A videowall-like animation with music illustrates the proliferation of AV in architecture, business, government, special events, education, worship, sports, healthcare, transportation, entertainment/hospitality and museums.

It is available in two formats — a standard version and a 16x9 version. A users guide is also available for download. To save the files onto your computer, right click on the document name in the Downloads section (above)), select "Save Target As.." and specify a location on your computer.


In all versions, there is space for members to add their company logos to customize the presentation. To insert your logo into the presentation, go to VIEW > MASTER > SLIDE MASTER and replace the placeholder text in the bottom right corner with an appropriately sized logo.

Please Note:

  • Deleting or moving slides may affect navigation links. If you choose not to use specific slides, simply HIDE SLIDE in PowerPoint's Slide Sorter.
  • The timing of images to music will vary based on your computer speed, RAM and other factors. For best performance, play off your local hard drive and make sure no other applications are running.

For more information, please contact Cheryl Regan at

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