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The AV industry deserves its own week to celebrate the role of AV professionals and the value that AV products add to people’s lives. -- Ernie Bailey, CTS, Director of Audiovisual Services, Office of Academic Services, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR

AV Week News Roundup
Everyone can participate in the annual AV Week! Find out more...   more  

Interested in sponsoring AV Week? Establish your company as a sponsor of the high-profile AV Week and enjoy the added value of promotions beginning in early 2007 on the AV Week website at, in press releases, member communications and more.

AV Week, inaugurated in 2006 to spotlight the value of AV technologies in people’s lives, has captured the imagination of the AV community around the world! More that 30 companies participated by hosting events in 15 states and Canada this year, and AV Week 2007, planned for October 21-27, is expected to be an even more far-reaching event. The tools and materials InfoComm provides to AV companies to support their outreach efforts include demos, presentations, career fairs and other events - all of which can be seen as sponsorship opportunities!

Cost of Sponsorship: $5,000
Number of Sponsors: Limited to four

What’s included in the AV Week Kit?
  • A planning guide filled with ideas for getting involved in AV Week
  • Marketing materials
  • AV Week T-shirt
  • Sample AV Week proclamation
  • A press release template

The kit is provided to any InfoComm member who requests it. InfoComm also provides brochures and materials at reduced or no cost to support members AV Week events.
InfoComm also produces several events to celebrate AV Week gaining additional attention in both the trade and mainstream media.

How do sponsors benefit? You’ll receive an enormous amount of visibility, exposure and recognition:

  • On the AV Week web site at
  • On all marketing materials
  • At InfoComm produced AV Week events
  • Through your participation in events
  • In public relations activities
  • Before the entire Infocomm membership, including consultants, dealers/integrators, and end user technology managers

This amazing opportunity puts your company’s name in front of people who are new to and unfamiliar with the AV industry as they investigate AV Week on the website and learn about the industry through news articles and events. Show your support for the AV industry by becoming an AV Week sponsor.

InfoComm members showed their pride during AV Week!

It was wonderful to have an industry-recognized week dedicated to audiovisual! We were able to highlight multiple facets of audiovisual to include collaboration tools, audioconferencing, AV production, integration and consulting, the convergence of AV and IT, and the ways usage of these tools can positively affect our working environments and lives. -- Stacy Foster, PMP, CTS, Associate and Audiovisual Service Center Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton

The first annual AV Week was very successful in generating awareness about how vital AV technologies are to our businesses, our communities and our lives. Through several AV Week initiatives, we were able to demonstrate that audiovisual technologies play a key role in elevating business and communication. -- Jay Rogina, Chief Executive Officer, Spinitar

AV Week was a great opportunity for employers large and small to create awareness of the industry in their community. AV Week gave us a chance to teach all of our employees about the great industry they are part of and how the products they build are used in their neighborhood church, courtrooms, boardrooms and military command centers.

Ali Haghjoo, President, Hall Research

Classroom visits, employee contests, product giveaways, proclamations, news coverage, road rallies, job fairs, student tours and presentations. These are some of the ways that InfoComm and its members showed pride and shared their talents during AV Week in October.

Members reached out to their communities in ways they might not have otherwise - all to raise awareness for the AV industry. It was a powerful way for members to get students to consider AV careers, to encourage schools and businesses to embrace the technology, to distinguish ourselves from the IT industry.

For those who are wondering what AV Week is all about, visit to see what happened and mark your calendars. InfoComm intends to recognize AV Week again next year October 21 - 27, 2007.