InfoComm International Audiovisual (AV) Dashboard for Controls

Dashboard for Controls

Dashboard for Controls

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The basic premise of the Dashboard for Controls is that operation of a professionally installed AV presentation system should be as easy to operate as driving a car.

Standardization on some basics of user interface design and identification of fundamental AV system functions will increase confidence that frequently used functions will "look and feel" like others previously used.

Three documents are now available to help standardize your control systems:

Dashboard for Controls Template:  An entry point for those interested in creating touch panel controls that promote intuitive end-user operation of AV systems. It is a six-page PDF document that includes a graphic template for touch panel design and how to best apply the template to your needs. (download here - PDF)

Dashboard for Controls Design Reference: The Reference Guide examines principles of design that enable successful implementation of graphical user interfaces in AV control systems. It is a 24-page PDF document filled with tips, diagrams and design theories that promote intuitive end-user operations. (download here - PDF)

Dashboard for Controls Integrators Guide: The Integrators Design Guide offers in-depth information regarding Systems Designs and Navigation. Hybrid solutions are also defined in this 17-page PDF dcument. (download here - PDF)

What's New

09/21/07.....Dashboard Committee photo taken at InfoComm 07

06/01/07.....Control Freak article in the June issue of Campus Technology Magazine features Greg Bronson and information about the Dashboard for Controls project.  (John K. Waters, Control Freak, Campus Technology, 06/01/07)

04/13/07.....Dashboard at InfoComm 2007. Listing of seminars that Dashboard Group members will be presenting. Includes dates, presenters, and description of the seminars.

03/22/07.....InfoComm Dashboard Group Readies Work for User Testing - hopes to complete usability testing on its template AV control interfaces this year, and is planning a wide range of promotional and educational activities to boost adoption of its work throughout the industry. (Sound & Video Contractor magazine)

10/20/06.....White Paper - Midwestern University uses Dashboard approach to standardize touch panel design and function campus-wide. Includes: How it was done, photos of the old and new touch panels, and efficiencies gained.

08/15/06.....Greg Bronson, Dave Silberstein and Joey Kessler of the Dashboard for Controls group are quoted in the Pro AV, August 2006, online magazine article: "In Control, How to design a successful end-user interface."

07/25/06.....Dashboard Introduction (video)
This 2:15 minute downloadable video was produced by Chris LaGarde of PepperDash and Joey Kessler of AMX for the InfoComm Dashboard for Controls group. It highlights goals and purposes, what has been produced so far, and upcoming initiatives.

07/17/06.....InfoComm 06 Show Daily article "Dashboard Sits GUI in Front"

06/30/06.....Dashboard for Controls InfoComm 06 Photo Gallery

What's New Archives

From readers:
"I reviewed the Design Guides and found them not only informative, but also usable and complete. I commend Brian [Huff] and the Dashboard committee for the excellent outcome from all their hard work."
—Malcolm Montgomery, Educational Technology Consultant,

"These documents are excellent. The Design Reference is very valuable in and of itself just for the information it contains. I hope we will all reference them in our specifications and support them so that contractors will implement the concepts and improve the industry. Much thanks to all involved in their creation."
—Thad Packard, EIT, CTS, Pelton Marsh Kinsella

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