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2004 Dealer Compensation and Financial Survey

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The association changed its name from the International Communications Industries Association (ICIA) to InfoComm International in 2005. This article was originally published before that date and retains its references to ICIA.

By InfoComm International  -   June 08, 2004 

The International Communications Industries Association, Inc.  has released the results of its 2004 Dealer Compensation and Financial Survey. InfoComm has conducted the Compensation and Benefit Survey since 1998 to provide important benchmarks for audiovisual firms.

Conducted in the spring of 2004, the 80+ page 2004 Dealer Compensation and Financial Survey report contains detailed charts showing salaries for 33 different positions based on data on 1,700+ individuals, and company basic business and market information. In addition to compensation-related data, the new 2004 version includes detailed financial data and ratios for fiscal year 2003, including major categories of sales, cost of sales, gross profit, expenses and other similar financial factors.

Systems integration and installation continues to be the most popular primary sales function for AV dealers. However, its popularity has dropped somewhat since the last survey, with corresponding increases in box sales and equipment rental. Systems integration is selected by 57% of respondents as their company's primary sales function, down from 70% in the 2003 survey and 50% in the 2002 survey.

Business and corporate continues to be the dominant market, top-ranked since 1998, and virtually all respondents derive some measure of revenue (on average almost 50% of total revenue) from this end user market.

The popularity of salary increases has increased slightly from the rates seen in the last survey, but remains well below peak rates seen in previous years. The median salary increase amount has dropped to below five percent for the first time ever. Technical and administrative staff is most apt to receive a salary increase.

The number of staff generally remained the same in 2003, with nearly one-half saying that staff were not added or cut. Looking forward to 2004, staff upsizing is the rule, with almost 60% expecting to add staff, forecasting hiring a median of 13% additional staff.

"The new financial section of  InfoComm's Dealer Compensation and Financial Survey report contains a wealth of operating statistics, ratios, and percentages that you can easily understand and interpret," said Bill Sharer, President of Exxel Management & Marketing Corp., who also has provided industry expert commentary in the market report. "The financial section breaks out income statements by company size, geographical region, company type (systems integrators, rental and staging companies and box sales companies), and company focus (business/corporate, education, others) to make it possible to compare your company to peers."

The report can be purchased in the InfoComm Online Store or by calling InfoComm Sales at 800.659.7469.