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"Participating in iQ allows us to quickly and easily keep product content and news information up-to-date, instantly allowing us to deliver accurate and timely information to hundreds of dealers' websites."  -- Gina Lauria, Manager of Marketing Communications, Crestron
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With InfoComm's AV Buyers Guide (iQ) you are able to list updated information about your products on hundreds of websites:

  • Industry publications
  • Design consultants
  • Technology managers/end users 
  • Religious organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Your authorized dealers
  • InfoComm International members worldwide
What can a Manufacturer’s Showroom do for YOU?
  • It offers a single point to manage your product information
  • You have total control of product messaging
  • You decide which dealer catalogs carry your products
  • Qualified customers see your product information just when they need it — during research and when actively ready to buy
  • You receive valuable current and historical data including traffic, most popular products and much more
  • Get product release news out to thousands more with iQ Announcer's monthly e-mail program

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