InfoComm International Audiovisual (AV) AV Industry Overview

AV Industry

AV Industry

Buoyed by the ever-increasing demand for information presented through video and audio, the multibillion dollar AV communications industry, which is represented by InfoComm International, is thriving in every part of the world.

AV systems have evolved to include not only audio and video systems, but also their integration into information communications and transmission of signals through digital networks.

Two basic types of pro-AV systems are:

  1. Fixed installations -- including boardrooms, auditoriums, classrooms, videoconferencing and control centers
  2. Staged events -- including corporate meetings and events, conferences, tradeshows and concerts

Products include audio systems, video and data projectors, displays and screens, digital signage, racks and cases, lecterns, cables and connectors, computer and AV networking, control systems, interfacing and signal distribution. Use InfoComm iQ Online AV Buyers Guide to find products here. 

The markets in which pro-AV systems are used include schools and universities, government, the military, businesses, healthcare, legal, retail, museums, churches, sports arenas, entertainment, transportation -- in short, everywhere -- where the sharing of information using audio and video has become essential. The applications of AV technology are often similar across markets, including presentations, web-, audio-, video- and dataconferencing, education, advertising, retail signage and dynamic displays, command and control systems, concerts and public information systems.

The AV industry includes manufacturers, distributors, dealers, independent reps, design and business consultants, installers and system integrators, rental and staging professionals, presentations professionals and programmers, all of whom are represented within InfoComm's membership.


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