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Careers in the Audiovisual Industry

The audiovisual (AV) industry provides jobs to thousands of people, some of them right out of school.  These jobs are available with numerous companies, ranging from large, well-known corporations, such as Sony Electronics, to small businesses that provide audiovisual products and services in the U.S. and abroad. 

Audiovisual professionals are well paid, in demand and trained in a high-tech field.  Audiovisual professionals help companies, universities, colleges, government agencies and others use technology to present ideas and information effectively. You can find examples of the AV industry all around you — displays at retail stores, conference rooms, trade shows, places of worship, auditoriums and classrooms, 911 command and control centers, hospitals and many other places where sight and sound are combined to communicate information and ideas.

Ever see the MTV studio live, on-air? Or the room that NASA uses to track the Space Shuttle? Ever wondered how they project those gigantic images at a concert, arena or stadium? All these systems and more are designed and installed by the AV industry.

· What types of jobs are available in this industry?
· What types of companies could I work for?
· What types of products are sold in the professional audiovisual industry?
· How much could I make as an audiovisual professional?
· How can I learn more about the AV Industry?
· What training and educational programs are available to help me prepare for or advance my career in AV?


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