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Educators & AV Scholarships

The Educational Communications Foundation, Inc. (ECF) offers scholarships for both high school students and post-secondary students. Complete information and an application for the awards will be available in January 2003.

ECF also works with companies within the audiovisual communications industry to place students in paid internships during the academic year and/or summer.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2002-2003 ECF Engineering Scholarship

Awarded $2,500.00


Halim Lichiheb - Georgia Institute (Atlanta)
Mitesh Doshi - University of Houston
Gary Gibbs - University of Louisville
Adeoluwa Sun-Basorun - Purdue
Cory Brown - University of Texas (Austin)

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2002-2003 ECF High School Scholarship

Awarded $1,000.00

Thanh Higgins - California Polytechnical Institute (Pomona)
Aaron Pipkin - University of Southern California
Christopher Pearson - University of Minnesota
Brandon Smith - Ohio University

Awarded $500.00

Matthew Bacon - Eastern Nazarene College (MA)
Vinayak Sathyamoorthy - University of Illinois
Andras Pesti - University of Minnesota
Ian Brelinsky - MIT University
Marianela Silva - University of Miami
Stefan Greenidge - University of Houston
Thomas Filip - Georgia Institute of Technology
Joseph Ganser - Rochester Institute of Technology

Who is ECF?

The Educational Communications Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit charitable and educational organization chartered to support the audiovisual communications industry. The International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®), established ECF to address the industry's need for a high-quality workforce and in 1999 endowed it with $1 million to fund scholarships for engineering students.

Where can I learn more?

Go to Membership for information about the Association and its members. When you see a corporation's name, go to its website to see what it does and you will get an idea what kinds of engineering jobs are available in the industry.

Go to Exhibitions for information on the Association's trade show, which will be held in June. Over 25,000 people will be in attendance and ECF will introduce the 2001-2002 Scholarship winners.

What if I have questions?

Send email to or call Larry Smith at 828-236-9676.

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