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Design School Level 1: The Principles of Applied AV Design
USA | Aug 15-17, 04
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USA | Aug 24-25, 04
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AUS | Sept 8-10, 04

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About the International Communications Industries Association and InfoComm

The International Communications Industries Association® (ICIA®), founded in 1938 as the National Audio Visual Educational Dealers Association, is the premier trade association for the professional audiovisual communications industry. ICIA represents for-profit individuals and organizations that derive revenue from the commercialization or utilization of communications technologies. ICIA ensures the credibility and desirability of its members' products and services by representing the communications industry to the public, business, education and government. ICIA achieves this through education programs, workforce development activities, industry technology updates, publications, Internet presence, market research, industry certification programs, government relations and participation in national and international expositions.

InfoComm Headquarters in Fairfax, VAICIA serves its worldwide membership of approximately 2,700 companies and individuals as the pre-eminent provider of education, training and certification for communications technologies to enhance the ability to conduct business successfully, profitably, and competently.

InfoComm: ICIA is the founder of InfoComm, the premier gathering of AV communications professionals who come to learn about the latest technologies and available products and services as well as new and alternative applications. InfoComm is the industry's most advanced educational and interactive annual event, offering cost-effective marketing opportunities to reach a highly targeted audience of decision-makers in the AV industry.

Originating in the 1950s, InfoComm has evolved over the years, under several names, as the necessary event for audiovisual professionals to see the most comprehensive display of audiovisual presentation and communications equipment in the world. Every major manufacturer is represented and all the components of high-end communications systems are found under one roof at InfoComm. InfoComm presents attendees with the ideal environment for making purchasing decisions on a wide range of AV communications equipment and services.

Beginning in the 1990s, InfoComm expanded with new shows in Asia (1995), Europe (1999) and Japan (2000). ICIA also brought the Shoot-Out event to photokina in 1994. At the turn of the century, China was added to the InfoComm family of shows. InfoComm U.S. has grown significantly: over 10% per year in size since 1990, from 83,600 n.s.f. and 286 exhibitors to 293,000 n.s.f. and 516 exhibitors in 2001.

As a key trade show event, InfoComm is the gathering place of the industry -- for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, systems integrators, representatives, consultants, and end users from business, government, education, the religious sector, the military, and a variety of other environments.

Education and Training: ICIA is also the industry leader in education for AV communications professionals, from beginner to advanced levels of technical, business and sales competence. The courses range from workshops and seminars provided at InfoComms throughout the world to online courses for beginners and advanced levels to 3-4 day institute courses for professional development. Courses are offered for designers, installers, rental and staging professionals, and salespeople.

Certification: The industry standard for professional expertise is ICIA's certified technology specialist (CTS) desigation. ICIA offers certification testing for both general expertise and specialized knowledge.

Workforce Development: In addition, ICIA works with the U.S. Department of Labor and other organizations to develop programs in U.S. high schools and community colleges to inform and train the next generation workforce for the AV communications industry. This workforce development program, run under the auspices of ICIA’s foundation, the Educational Communications Foundation, also works with ICIA member companies to promote workforce development activities on a local and regional basis.

iQ Products: In 2001, ICIA added a new component to its services: InfoComm iQ, an online information service based on a database of over 90,000 product in the AV industry, available to all commercial entities in the distribution chain. The product enhances communication between manufacturers and their distribution channel partners as well as offering dealers a turnkey approach to marketing their products through catalogs on their websites. The service also enables dealers to run daily news about the industry on their own sites, providing dynamic content to enhance their web presence.